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James B. Twining

Retirement, Investing, Taxes
“Financial Plan, Inc. is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor located in Bellingham, WA.”

Financial Plan, Inc.

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James (Jamie) Twining is the founder of Financial Plan, Inc., and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner who works with an exclusive high net worth client base. Jamie has a niche advising BP Cherry Point refinery employees.

A graduate of the University of Southern California and a devoted husband and father, Jamie enjoys spending time with his family, leading the choir at Sacred Heart Church and outdoor sports including mountain biking, scuba diving, and an annual surfing trip to Mexico.

His favorite pastime on a rainy winter’s night is to sit down with his son Gabriel, open a bottle of fine Pinot Noir and play a game of chess.

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    Career / Compensation, Investing
Do you have any advice for a novice day trader/investor?
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To be consistently profitable,  my advice is to be an investor,  not a day-trader.  

Day traders make money by trading securities based upon their forecasts of future price movement.  The trouble is that no one can predict future price movements.  Day trading is quite akin to gambling,  including the "house odds",  which for the day trader are the costs of trading.  Most day traders lose money over time,  just as most gamblers do.

An investor does not make money by trading,  but rather by owning profitable companies.  A widely diversified portfolio of equity securities held over long time periods is almost certain to increase in value.

If you decide to day trade,  I would do it as entertainment.  For me, it is not so entertaining to throw money away on day trading schemes or slot machines.  

March 2016
    Personal Finance, Asset Allocation
How do I determine if I am being fairly charged by my financial advisor?
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June 2017
What is the most efficient and valuable method to value a stock?
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December 2016
    Investing, Real Estate
Will fixed rate mortgages remain available as interest rates rise?
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March 2017
Is short term care insurance a good idea?
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February 2016