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Investing, Small Business, Lifestage Based Planning
“Dave Rowan, CFP®, is committed to helping business owners, career changers and people nearing retirement navigate their wealth transitions with confidence and financial security.”

Rowan Financial LLC

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Founder, President


Dave Rowan, MBA, CFP® is the founder of Rowan Financial, LLC.  His mission is to enable his clients to achieve a future that is even brighter than their past and present.

 Dave primarily attracts clients who are contemplating or experiencing a career transition.  This includes moving from one employer to another while remaining in the same field, pursuing an entirely new profession, starting up a small business or embarking upon an encore career.  Dave provides his clients with the short-term guidance necessary to successfully navigate these often stressful transitions with more confidence and financial security than they had ever imagined was possible. 

 Dave transforms the lives of professionals and entrepreneurs across the country with his expertise through his free online newsletter and blog.  Each issue contains high value content that enables readers to make the most of their career transitions, not only from a professional development standpoint, but also in terms of their financial and personal goals.

 Dave is a Certified Financial Planner® and is also a member of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®).  His background also includes a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Penn State and an MBA from Lehigh University.

 Dave is a sought after expert in the financial news media.  He has been featured in various online publications including US News & World Report, NASDAQ.com, The LA Times, Yahoo! Finance,  Investopedia, and The Christian Science Monitor.

 Dave grew up in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and has lived in the area for most of his life.  He currently resides in Bethlehem with his wife Stacy and their two daughters.  He loves walking and hiking in nature, football, lacrosse, yoga, reading, writing, shopping at local farmers’ markets, eating healthy food, an occasional battle on Clash of Clans, and bringing positive energy to his work and his relationships with family and friends.  


BS, Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
MBA, Management of Technology, Lehigh University

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What's the difference between a load and no-load mutual fund?

The answers you've already received have been absolutely outstanding, so I really have no other information to add to answer your question directly.

What I love about your question is that you (along with many other investors) are getting dialed into the HUGE impact that fees can have on how much money you can save in retirement.

Although not directly related to your question, you can go to the attached article and see how lowering the fees you're paying by as little as 0.9% a year can add up to about an extra $1 million final balance in your retirement account after 50 years of saving:


Unfortunately, it is easy to rack up that extra 0.9% in fees whether that be via front-end or back-end sales loads or with funds that have high expense ratios.

As stated by the other advisors who answered your question so well, stay away from funds with loads. This will keep more money growing in your account and less money going out the door in unnecessary fees!

With Kind Regards,


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