Jeff Rose

Personal Finance, Retirement, Insurance
“As the CEO and Founder of Alliance Wealth Management LLC, I am committed to showing my clients the right way to financial freedom. In launching Good Financial Cents, my own personal financial blog, I've has been able to be the “complete package advisor” I’ve always aspired to be. ”

Alliance Wealth Management

Job Title:

CEO and Founder


Given Jeff's unique interest in the financial markets and his excited to meet new people, being a financial advisor was the perfect fit for his career. He started his career as a financial advisor with A.G. Edwards & Sons in 2001.

In January of 2005, 4 years into his career, he was called upon to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. Anticipating his return, he attained the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation between mission and duties during his downtime in Iraq.

As soon as he returned from Iraq, he resumed his career as a financial advisor. His goal was to provide financial guidance to people in all areas including: investments, insurance, taxes, and estate planning. In November 2007, he became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, and a month after that, he formed Alliance Investment Planning Group LLC. Since then, Jeff created his own registered investment adviser named Alliance Wealth Management LLC.

With the hope of helping people make sense of investing and their personal finances, Jeff launched his own personal financial blog called Good Financial Cents and life insurance site Life Insurance by Jeff. With so many different options out there, Jeff hopes to ease the fog and help others make clear and smart financial decisions. He currently writes for Forbes, US News & World Report, and CNBC. In addition, he has been featured in major sites such as Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Kiplingers, and Fox Business.

Jeff resides in Carterville, IL with his wife, Mandy, and his three sons Parker, Bentley, and Sloane and daughter Janella.


BA, Finance, Southern Illinois University

Assets Under Management:

$38 million

Fee Structure:


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Insurance License:


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