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Martin A. Federici, Jr.

Retirement, Investing, Lifestage Based Planning
“Wealth management, investment advice, and financial planning with a purpose in mind - YOURS”

MF Advisers, Inc.

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Martin A. Federici, Jr. is a graduate of Bloomsburg University (1996) and has been a licensed financial advisor since 2005. He is the CEO and one of the founding member of 2 financial businesses - MF Advisers, Inc. - RIA firm and fiduciary - and MF Tax & Accounting, Inc. - tax & accounting practice.  Both of these businesses officially started in Jan. 2011 and operate from 2 locations:  one in Dallas, PA; the other, in Jensen Beach, FL.

Federici has his Series 65 license, along with his AAMS professional designation from The College of Financial Planning.  His specialties include: 403(b) plans (for both organizations and individuals), investment advice & management, financial planning, retirement planning, and 401(k) plans (for both businesses and individuals).  Mr. Federici is a preferred 403(b) advisor for both the  Wyoming Valley West and the Dallas Area school districts, helping many educators to improve their overall financial pictures throughout the years of his service.

Federici states that MF Advisers, Inc.'s #1 priority - as an RIA firm and fiduciary - is helping individuals, families, and businesses create and achieve their financial goals through expert wealth management, investment advice, and financial planning.  As fiduciaries, MF Advisers, Inc. wants to improve their clients' financial situations and do what is in their absolute best interest each and every time without exception.  Running a tax & accounting practice also, Federici is very cognizant of how any financial decisions can affect clients' tax situations.

Federici is active in the local PA community as a member of several organizations (Back Mountain Chamber, Luzerne Merchants Association, and Plymouth Alive), and has coached/assisted with coaching various youth sports teams in the Dallas & Back Mountain areas of Pennsylvania .  He is happily married to his wife since 1999, and they have 3 beautiful children together.  His personal interests include running/exercising, eating well/healthy living, reading anything and everything, and making the world a better place.


BA, History, Bloomsburg University

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In general, you'll have the most investment options if your IRA is at a brokerage firm so your own IRA may make the most sense (depending on what type of investments you want to be able to invest in).  Your current 401(k) plan and old 403(b) plan probably have a limited number of investment choices (mostly mutual funds more than likely), and there's no guarantee that they are all quality options either (can only tell by reviewing both plan lineups for fund quality).  It's important to consider investment options, expenses, and weigh which options are most important to you.  We help our clients make these decisions often through a thorough review of all options and important points (costs, expenses, investment choices, investment quality, etc.), so your specific situation would need review as well.  Hope that helps you - we are always ready to help our clients with rollover decisions (they're not easy - keep that in mind).

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