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Jarrett Topel

Retirement, Investing, Lifestage Based Planning
“As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, and co-founder of Topel & DiStasi Wealth Management, Jarrett Topel helps his clients pursue their life goals through prudent wealth management and financial planning expertise.”

Topel & DiStasi Wealth Management

Job Title:

Financial Advisor


Jarrett Topel is a financial advisor located in Berkeley, CA with over 20 years of experience in financial services. He brings a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in delivering personalized financial planning and investment strategies to clients.

In his work as a financial advisor, Jarrett strives to help clients more fully enjoy the lives they have worked hard to build, by providing a partner in their journey towards financial independence.

Prior to co-founding Topel & DiStasi Wealth Management, Jarrett worked in various capacities in the financial services industry, giving him a broad perspective of the complex issues clients face today. He began his professional career at Smith Barney in 1994, then moved on to tax consulting and tax preparation work for a small boutique firm, ConsulTax, in Oakland, CA. Jarrett joined American Express Financial Advisors in 1999, and started his own firm as a franchisee of American Express Financial Advisors in 2003. Later that year, Jarrett earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation (CFP®) and, since then, has continued to expand his knowledge base and skills set through continuing education and the attainment of advanced degrees and professional designations.

Jarrett holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Finance from San Francisco State University, a Certificate in Personal Financial Planning from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Masters of Science in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University.

A lifelong Bay Area resident, Jarrett currently lives in Oakland, CA with his wife and two children.


BS, Business Administration, San Francisco State University
MS, Financial Planning, Golden Gate University

Assets Under Management:

$83 million

CRD Number:


Insurance License:



For advisory services and disclosure information, please visit our website www.td-wm.com

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Yes, possible and legal.  However, please note, this absolutely does not insure you a profit.  First, there is no guarantee that the stock will go up after you buy it. What if it goes down instead? Also, there is a "bid-ask" spread on stocks, especially smaller thinly traded stocks, so at any given time, if you were to buy and sell a stock at the same time (or sell very soon after buying), you would pay a higher price for buying then you would receive for selling.  (This is how "Market Makers" earn their money.)  Finally, it is likely you will pay a commission each time you trade (or some type of fee), so you have to earn money above this commission/fee to have a gain.  So, for your strategy to work, the stock must rise and it must rise by enough to cover the bid-ask spread and the commission/fee.  And, yes, there is a name for this.  It is called "Day-Trading" and is almost a guaranteed failure for the average non-institutional investor.

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