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Christopher Gething

Investing, Taxes, Small Business
“As a financial adviser at Atherean Wealth Management, Christopher Gething focuses on providing portfolio management and strategic financial planning to individuals, families, trusts, estates, small to mid sized businesses, and charitable organizations.”

Atherean Wealth Management, LLC

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Managing Member


Christopher Gething has been working in the wealth management industry since 2006. Prior to founding Atherean Wealth Management, LLC, he was a registered representative at Dinosaur Securities, LLC, a boutique investment bank based in New York City and London, and a financial advisor at RMR Wealth Management, LLC, an independent investment advisory firm based in New York City. Prior to this he was a financial advisor at MetLife Securities, Inc. He obtained the FINRA Series 7 and 63 licenses in 2006 and the certified financial planner certification in 2010.

Before he began his career in financial services, Mr. Gething worked as a mechanical engineer and materials scientist in industry and in academia. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Brown University in 1999. From May 1999 until August of 2001 Christopher was a software engineer at HKS, Inc, a computer aided engineering software company based in Providence, RI. From September of 2001 until May of 2002 he was a research assistant at the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at Brown University, and a teaching assistant in the Division of Engineering at Brown University. He obtained his Master of Science Degree in engineering from Brown University in 2002. From August of 2002 until January of 2005 he was a research assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. During this time, Christopher developed and implemented mathematical theories and computational systems for analyzing the mechanical behavior of crystalline metals.


Sc.B., Sc.M., Engineering, Brown University

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Atherean Wealth Management, LLC ("AWM") is based in Jersey City, NJ and is registered as an investment adviser pursuant to New Jersey (NJ) law. AWM and its investment advisory representatives are in compliance with registration requirements in the states in which AWM and its representatives conduct business.  More information about AWM and its representatives can be found at adviserinfo.sec.gov. Nothing on this website should be construed to constitute investment or financial advice or be used to make investment decisions.  Investment in securities involves numerous risks, including, but not limited to, interest rate risk, market risk, inflation risk, currency risk, reinvestment risk, business risk, liquidity risk, and financial risk, among other risks.  The asset allocation and portfolio diversification process does not eliminate the risk of investment losses.  The publication of this website should not be construed as a solicitation or attempt to effect transactions in securities, or be construed as the rendering of  investment advice. 

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    401(k), Taxes
How does my roth distribution affect my tax bracket?
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As long as the distribution from the ROTH 401(k) plan is a qualified distribution, it will not be subjected to taxes. In order to be a qualified distribution, it must satisfy two requirements. First, it must be taken after age 59 1/2. Second, it must be taken after a five year period from when you made your first ROTH 401(k) contribution. Keep in mind that the distribution will still be reported to the IRS via form 1099-R even if it is not taxable.

Remember that employer matches are not considered ROTH 401(k) assets and will be subjected to taxes on their withdrawals.

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