Jeremy Portnoff

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Jeremy E. Portnoff, MSFS, CFP® founded Portnoff Financial LLC in 2005 to provide personalized Financial Life Management services with flexibility and objectivity based on the principles of fiduciary responsibility.”

Portnoff Financial LLC

Job Title:

Founder & CEO


With over 14 years of experience, Jeremy Portnoff is committed to offering comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to individuals and families across nationwide. In founding Portnoff Financial LLC, an Independent Fee-for-Service Registered Investment Advisor, Jeremy has championed what it means to be an individual advisor without a large firm: maximizing the firm's resources without losing the personalized and flexible benefits of working with an individual advisor.

Jeremy specializes in retirement plan distribution rules to help clients minimize taxation of retirement savings and pass them on to future generations in tact. Investment management is also something that Jeremy has much knowledge of and experience in. He approaches this area by utilizing various institutional portfolio strategies to customize an investment program for each individual based upon their unique needs and financial situation. The strategies he employs are based upon an understanding of how demographic trends, predictable consumer spending habits, and technological innovation drive the economy and financial markets. 

Jeremy has been quoted in several print and online publications including: The Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, Business Week Online, The Star-Ledger, Financial Planning Magazine, InvestmentNews, National Underwriter Life & Health,, Boomer Market Advisor,, and


CSUF, BA Business Administration (Finance)
Institute of Business & Finance, MS Financial Services

Assets Under Management:

$27 million

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September 2016

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Why is my 401k unavailable after my employment termination?
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That doesn't sound right at all unless it is not a 401k plan, but is some other type of retirement plan such as a type of pension plan. Another possibility is that if the funds were all employer contributions and are not vested, then you basically forfeit the funds. If it is a plain ol' regular 401k to which you made contributions and are thus vested in those contributions, upon termination of employment you should be able to access those funds, change investments, rollover to an IRA, etc. The only other reason I can think of is if there is some kind of litigation going on related to the plan which has cause plan assets to be frozen. 

You should call them and ask why you are not able to access the funds and get a copy of the plan document which spells out the rules of the plan so you can confirm what you are being told. If there is no reason why to prevent you from requesting your funds, you might have to go to the Department of Labor, but that is a last step.

July 2016
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August 2016
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What should I do with my inherited 401k?
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July 2016
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What is the ideal contribution to a 401k?
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June 2016
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Can I roll my ex husband's 401k into an IRA and withdraw the funds I need?
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July 2016