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Dominique Henderson

Personal Finance, Investing, Small Business
“DJH Capital Management, LLC. is a registered investment advisory firm providing fee-only wealth management services to professionals with executive compensation, professional athletes and small business owners.”

DJH Capital Management, LLC.

Job Title:

Financial Planner | Wealth Advisor


Dominique J. Henderson, Sr. began serving in the financial industry in 1998.  He is founder and managing member of DJH Capital Management, LLC. a registered investment advisory firm providing comprehensive financial planning and wealth management to high-net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. 

Professionally, Dominique has spent nearly two decades in financial services building a diverse skill set in data analysis, investment research, portfolio management and financial planning.  Prior to founding his firm, he spent years in institutional fixed income trading circles where he co-managed a multi-million dollar municipal bond strategy producing annualized returns in excess of 7%. 

Dominique uses his expertise to build financial plans and investment portfolios that help his clients find greater financial contentment in their lives.  He crafts custom plans to meet the diverse needs of each client in investment, tax, or estate planning.  He deeply desires to see people “win” with their hard-earned capital.

Dominique’s financial advice has been featured in such publications as US News & World Report, GoBankingRates.com as well as, as his weekly podcast, Experiencing Financial Contentment.  He uses the podcast as a medium to help promote financial literacy, economic empowerment and personal development.

Dominique is also an active member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).


Master of Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Creighton University
BA, Finance, Prairie View A&M University

Assets Under Management:

$2 million

Fee Structure:


CRD Number:



  • Dominique Henderson - Financial Advisor and Your Personal Finance Coach
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Assets sold below cost (or basis) incur realized losses for which there is no tax. 

To reduce tax liability, you may use losses to offset gains although there are specific rules on pairing short-term gain and losses (held less than one year) and long-term gain and losses (held more than one year).

As far as when you need to sell, that answer is based on whether you need the cash, like the stock, etc.

I've done a YouTube video on this if you want to check it out here:https://youtu.be/Lfo-n3iu35o

I hope that helps.

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