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“Jillian Nel, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, directs a financial planning practice for Legacy Asset Management, Inc. Jillian is committed to educating and empowering clients and the general public about the importance of financial planning.”

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Principal & Director of Financial Planning


BS, Business Administration, University of Colorado at Boulder

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$340 million

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December 2017
December 2017
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December 2017

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    Retirement, Social Security
I am currently receiving disability and survivor benefits; will the amount I receive change when I reach retirement age and am eligible for Social Security?
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Your case is indeed complicated and I see why you are reaching out for clarity.  

For Disability payments question:

There are technically 2 changes that occur when you reach full retirment age in regards to your dsailbity benefits, the first is you will transition out of "disability" payments to "retirement" payments.  All this really means to you is that the income comes from a different fund.  The amount of your disability payment is based upon what you contributed to the program during your working years.  The retirement benefit is calculated the same way, so nothing should change as far as amount or timing.  The other change is you will no longer be subject to earnings limits on your benefits if you had the ability and decided to go back to work.  Thats the technical answer - short answer is yes your benefits will be the same when you hit full retirement age.  

Survivor benefits question:

Nothing will happen in the year that your husband would have reached his full retirement age.  LIke I noted above, both disability and retirement benefits are calculated off of what was contributed into the program. Survivor benefits as well should not change for you in amount when you reach full retirement age, since you have already started them.  If you were not currently receiving survivor benefits and waited until your full retirement age, they would be based upon your husbands full primary insurance amount.  The benefits you are receiving now are reduced due to taking them earlier than full retirment age.   The only time your survivor benefits could change is if you remarry before the age of 60.  

There are resources online for helping you understand the program such as those provided by the social security adminstration - https://www.ssa.gov/planners/survivors/ifyou.html

There are also calculators that can show you scenarios that will maximize benefits that you may consider seeking out.


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