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“Jody Team, founder and President of Team Financial Strategies, an independent, fee-only financial planning firm, is dedicated to offering comprehensive financial plans and ongoing investment management.”

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Jody Team, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, started Team Financial Strategies in April of 2005. Team Financial has grown into a firm with four CFP® certificates and two CPAs. Additionally, Jody is the lead investment manager for The Texas Fund, a mutual fund that invests in companies headquartered in Texas. Jody has worked in the financial planning industry for 14 years. He enjoys working with individuals in ongoing relationships so he can better help and understand the financial picture when one of those big "life financial moments" arrive. In putting together Team Financial Strategies, one of his objectives was to create an avenue for young professionals to get financial planning advice catered to their situations while continuing to offer more traditional services to those nearing retirement.

Jody has been in this industry long enough to have experienced a couple of bear and bull markets. He has seen and worked with hundreds of clients in their planning situations. He started Team Financial Strategies out of a desire to serve and felt that his talents were best suited in financial planning. He loves that this firm has helped so many people and looks forward to seeing how the company can help so many more.

In his opinion, financial planning is more than putting together a retirement plan. Ongoing planning should help people recognize what is important to them and work towards making a difference in that area. Whether his clients are in the process of accumulating wealth, have inherited wealth, or have come into wealth by other means, his objective is to work with them to make sure that their finances make a positive impact on their life. When he came into this field, it seemed that so many people were being sold products but few were actually receiving quality advice. He had a desire to be part of that change in the community of people around him. Aside from working with individuals, Jody also enjoys working with independent contractors, small business owners, and employees/staff from local universities.

Jody Team lives in Abilene, Texas with his wife Rachel and three daughters Emma, Audrey, and Cora. Outside of the office, Jody enjoys watching and playing sports, spending time outside, and enjoying his life with his family.


BBA, Finance, Abilene Christian University

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$70 million

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