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“With almost a decade of financial planning and wealth management experience, Tom Cymer is committed to guiding his clients to financial success and well being. ”

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Tom Cymer, a Certified Financial Planner, is the founder and owner of Opulen Financial Group, LLC since 2009. Having double majored in economics and psychology at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Tom is particularly well suited to crunch the numbers but also address the behavioral side of personal finance. Tom joined the nation's largest financial planning firm and achieved numerous awards including 1st year and 2nd year top achiever, Mercury award and the Centurion award. He later went on to become a mentor and trainer of new recruits as a P1 Certified Advisor Coach while maintaining his own practice. During his tenure there he achieved the Chartered Retirement Planning Couselor(TM) designation.

Tom defines true financial planning as a comprehensive, ongoing approach to managing all areas of his client's financial life that takes into consideration their income, expenses, investments and debt. He focuses on their short-term and long-term goals such as paying for college or retiring comfortably. He provides management of his client's taxes and financial risks such as disability and death, and finally, ensuring that they leave a legacy.

Tom brings a comprehensive approach to his planning which starts with goal development and progresses through every nook and cranny of his client's financial picture. Once a personal plan has been created and implemented, Tom provides regular quarterly review meetings that keeps his clients on track and progressing toward their goals.

Tom is a native of Warsaw, Poland having immigrated to the United States as a child. His family resides in New England and he has since settled in the Metro DC area. Tom is a member of the Financial Services Institute, past president of the Arlington Jaycees, and active with various chambers of commerce in the area. Tom is a strong believer in continuing his education and as such has since gone on to obtain a certificate in financial planning from Boston University as well as obtain his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) designation. In his spare time Tom enjoys trips to the local wineries as well as traveling to tropical locations for some fun in the sun!


BA, Economics/Psychology, Umass Amherst

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$22 million

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    College Tuition, Debt, 401(k)
How should I balance paying off my student loans and contributing to a 401(k) plan?
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That must of been some degree you earned! Without knowing your details of income/interest rate on your loans/cash flow it is hard to give you a specific answer so this is a general thought. I would suggest you contribute to your 401k up to the maximum matched amount and then focus on putting everything above and beyond onto the loans. It sounds like you may be just starting out in your work life so some of my reasoning behind this would be: 


1) Assuming you are just starting out you probably have a small 401k balance which means even if you earn a high rate of your return you will probably pay more in interest because you are paying it on a bigger balance. For example 10% ROR on 50k = 5k growth but 4% interest on 200k = 8k paid out (your net worth decreased) 

2) We are at a high point in the market - equities are at all time highs. Knock off the loans and if we have a reset at some point in the next few years you may have more cash flow to dump into the market at a lower point. 

3) Those high debt balances will impact many other aspects of your life - buying a house, having a family etc.. all that debt will bog down your cash flow making it difficult to do anything else. 

Good luck and happy new year!

Tom Cymer CFP

President Opulen Financial Group LLC

January 2018
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