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Tom Cymer

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“With almost a decade of financial planning and wealth management experience, Tom Cymer is committed to guiding his clients to financial success and well being. ”

Opulen Financial Group LLC

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Tom Cymer, a Certified Financial Planner, is the founder and owner of Opulen Financial Group, LLC since 2009. Having double majored in economics and psychology at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Tom is particularly well suited to crunch the numbers but also address the behavioral side of personal finance. Tom joined the nation's largest financial planning firm and achieved numerous awards including 1st year and 2nd year top achiever, Mercury award and the Centurion award. He later went on to become a mentor and trainer of new recruits as a P1 Certified Advisor Coach while maintaining his own practice. During his tenure there he achieved the Chartered Retirement Planning Couselor(TM) designation.

Tom defines true financial planning as a comprehensive, ongoing approach to managing all areas of his client's financial life that takes into consideration their income, expenses, investments and debt. He focuses on their short-term and long-term goals such as paying for college or retiring comfortably. He provides management of his client's taxes and financial risks such as disability and death, and finally, ensuring that they leave a legacy.

Tom brings a comprehensive approach to his planning which starts with goal development and progresses through every nook and cranny of his client's financial picture. Once a personal plan has been created and implemented, Tom provides regular quarterly review meetings that keeps his clients on track and progressing toward their goals.

Tom is a native of Warsaw, Poland having immigrated to the United States as a child. His family resides in New England and he has since settled in the Metro DC area. Tom is a member of the Financial Services Institute, past president of the Arlington Jaycees, and active with various chambers of commerce in the area. Tom is a strong believer in continuing his education and as such has since gone on to obtain a certificate in financial planning from Boston University as well as obtain his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) designation. In his spare time Tom enjoys trips to the local wineries as well as traveling to tropical locations for some fun in the sun!


BA, Economics/Psychology, Umass Amherst

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$32 million

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All written content on this site is for information purposes only. Opinions expressed herein are solely those of Opulen Financial Group, LLC and our editorial staff.  Material presented is believed to be from reliable sources; however, we make no representations as to its accuracy or completeness.  All information and ideas should be discussed in detail with your individual advisor prior to implementation. Fee based financial planning and investment advisory services are offered by Opulen Financial Group, LLC  a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of VA, DC, MA and LA.  Insurance products and services are offered through Tom Cymer Insurance.  Opulen Financial Group LLC and Tom Cymer Insurance are affiliated companies.  The presence of this web site shall in no way be construed or interpreted as a solicitation to sell or offer to sell investment advisory services to any residents of any State other than the States of VA, LA, MA and DC or where otherwise legally permitted.

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October 2018

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    Asset Allocation, Stocks
How should I position my portfolio now that we know that Donald Trump will be our next President?
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Hello Investor,

At this point, your guess is as good as mine. The conversation I have been having with my clients is that it is way too early to tell which way things will go. Trump has already flip flopped on numerous issues and that will likely continue. For the time being. I have been suggesting that clients focus on their long term goals and understand that no matter who is the President, the market will go through natural cycles. If you are investing for retirement years from now, then focus on that and buckle up for what will likely be a volatile ride (up and down). 

If you are investing for a short term goal, then you probably shouldn't have a ton of equities in your portfolio because the market can do some large swings in short time periods, no matter who our King...er President is. Keep in mind we have been on a bull run for a good part of 8 years and it is natural for the market to reset itself periodically. Some interesting research I came upon recently talked about what happens to the markets when a Republican beats an incumbent Democrat:

When Republicans Beat Incumbent Democrats

Since 1900, the Republicans have ousted the Democrats five other times (1920, 1952, 1968, 1980 and 2000). The post-election year performances were mostly negative: +12% (1921), -4% (1953), -15% (1969), -10% (1981) and -7% (2001). However, every subsequent year (i.e. the mid-term year) except 2003 was positive, with gains of +22% (1922), +44% (1954), +5% (1970) and +20% (1982). The lone loser was 2002, when the DIIA fell -17%. The mid-term year strength also tends to continue the following year (i.e. the pre-election year) as well: 1923 (-3%), 1955 (+21%), 1971 (+6%), 1983 (+20%) and 2003 (+25%).

 Take this with a grain of salt - history doesn't always repeat itself and this is an area we have never touched on before. 



Tom Cymer CFP

President-  Opulen Financial Group LLC


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How do I calculate my gains and/or losses when I sell a stock?
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