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“With over 20 years of experience, David Fink focuses on helping his clients align their lives with their wealth.”

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David Fink is passionate about being a resource for his clients and ensuring that they and their families are prepared not only for all the good that life has to offer, but also for the unexpected. As a result of losing his father at a young age and experiencing firsthand how a family can be impacted, he is particularly attuned to the importance of ensuring that both spouses are actively engaged in the oversight of their family’s wealth. Importantly, David is able to use his personal experiences to work effectively with widows and their children – both from an emotional and a practical perspective.

In working with families, business owners and young professionals, David is able to bring over 2 decades of experience to bear to assist with a variety of issues ranging from the traditional – investment planning, estate and tax planning – to the not so traditional – balancing work and life, living a life of purpose, evaluating residential and commercial real estate deals, business transactions, private equity, employer/employee issues, etc. The truth is that each client family has different issues that are important – and those issues change over time. David has a unique ability to not only understand what a family might need today but to also understand how those needs might evolve in the future.

David is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a CFP® professional. Additionally, he is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and an MBA from the University of Florida. David holds his Series 7, 63 and 65 securities licenses along with his Florida insurance licenses.

David is very involved in his community and has been involved with the following organizations: Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance (Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Past Chair), Manatee County Humane Society (Board of Directors Past Treasurer, Executive Committee Member, and Vice President), Tidewell Hospice (Capital Campaign Committee), and United Way (Past Allocation Committee member). David lives in Sarasota with his wife Debbie and their many animals. He is privileged to serve clients around the country and enjoys traveling to see them both for work and fun.

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A fiduciary advisor (an RIA or CFP for example) works with the client's best interests in mind and always puts the client's interests before his/her own - by law. Contrast that with a traditional broker or insurance sales person. Both of these sales people operate under a standard that they have to provide "suitable" products for the client. Unfortunately, a "suitable" product may also be one that pays them a very high commission. Importantly, neither a broker or insurance sales person is legally required to put their client's interests first. They are also not required to inform you how much they might make when they sell a particular product.

The cost of working with a fiduciary advisor will be a function of that advisor's business model. Some work for a percentage of the assets they manage, others work on a retainer basis and still others work on an hourly basis. With the method of compensation is important, it is more important that you find someone who has experience and that you can trust and who is transparent about any costs you might incur.

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