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Jason Tate

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“With over 19 years of experience in the financial consulting business, Jason R. Tate is passionate about helping individuals, families, and business owners win with their money.”

Jason Tate Financial Consulting

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Jason R. Tate started Jason Tate Financial Consulting in 2007 in order to help clients make good financial decisions. From retirement planning to helping young families get started, Jason assists people of all ages to help them make informed decisions about their financial futures. Jason has been in the financial services business for sixteen years and have represented many companies. With three professional designations and working under a fee-based investment advisory framework, Jason helps his clients with designing a comprehensive financial plan that is based off experience and with some of the best tools available in the industry. Just like in sports, Jason believes if someone wants to be an excellent athlete, they should work with an experienced coach who has access to superior resources to produce the game-time results that they aspire to reach. This is very similar to what Jason offers at his firm.

Working as a fee-based registered investment advisory firm, Jason assist his clients with their investment needs with professional portfolio management services and full Social Security analysis. Jason has learned two major lessons after sixteen years in the financial consulting business. One, most people are not winning with their money. Not because they do not have good intentions, but because they do not know how to use the best tools in the industry to reach their financial goals. Second, most advisors are not winning with their money either. Again, not because they have bad intentions, but because through trial and error, they too have to learn the best tools that are available for their clients and how to implement them. He believes the key is working with an individual or firm that understands these "game rules" and can guide the client with a winning financial game plan.

As an advisor-client relationship is very similar to a coach-player relationship, it is Jason's philosophy that a winning team starts with excellent communication and trust. He understands that his clients are the most important part of his firm and always puts the client's interest above his at all times. Whether the client's current goals are to retire with surplus, retire with dignity, make a major purchase, or simply save for their next generation's education, Jason wants to help them make excellent decisions with their money.


BS, Business Administration, Union University

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November 2018

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Term life insurance is a policy that will build no cash value, is relatively inexpensive, and will have a level premium for a period of years. (10, 15, or 20 years most common) Very simple, if you pay the premium on time, the death benefit is in-force. It is commonly used for traditional family situations whereby debts and income replacement could equal a large death benefit need but funds to pay for it are usually minimal. Also, if the traditional family has the need say for 15 or 20 years only, the term insurance will fit the need nicely.

Whole life insurance is the other "type" of insurance and basically is the opposite. It costs more, builds cash value, and is usually a long term need for the client. Hopefully that helps!

Jason R. Tate, ChFC, CLU, CASL

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