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Jeffrey Tilson

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“With over 20 years of experience, Jeffrey Tilson helps individuals and families build wealth with peace of mind.”

JST Investment Consulting, RIA

Job Title:

Fiduciary and Investment Advisor


As a Fiduciary Investment Advisor and the President of Seal Beach-based JST Investment Consulting, RIA. Jeffrey Tilson helps families and small businesses take the stress out of investing and employee retirement benefit plans. His specialties include asset management, retirement planning, education planning, investment risk mitigation, and protection planning just to name a few.  Jeffrey aims to help his clients be objective in making the right decision with a very emotional item: their money. He develops a goal oriented plan with his clients and works with his clients to choose a proper strategy without all the guesswork. There are no commissions or withdraw penalties at any time on investment management services.

Jeffrey started his firm in 2011 after successfully co-managing and servicing clients representing approximately $220 million of client investment assets as a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services for 10 years. He began his referral-only investment consulting firm to seize the opportunity he saw to provide a high level of service at more cost effective platform he can pass on to his clients.

Jeff credits persistent optimism for his business accomplishments and ability to successfully navigate the many aspects of the wealth management business. He is most proud of leveraging his education and experience to attain professional freedom, and he looks forward to networking with like-minded individuals in order to continue to grow his business.

Jeff lives an active lifestyle and also enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and church activities, just to name a few.


Finance, Real Estate, and Law, CSU Long Beach
Management Information Systems, CSU Long Beach

Assets Under Management:

$20 million

Fee Structure:


CRD Number:



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Recommendations like this are hard to make when we don't have a complete picture of your financial situation. Life Insurance is protection and should be used as that first and foremost. In my experience, someone selling gimmicky products and strategies are typically not suitable. Make sure you understand what the terms and commissions involved are as these types of strategies come with very large payouts to "advisors." Do your homework and be careful.

Hope that helps.


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