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Greg Brown

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Greg Brown CFP®, founder of Pathway Financial Planning, LLC, is on a mission to help automotive professionals, engineers, and other career professionals gain total control of their money, simplify their finances, and build wealth smarter.”

Pathway Financial Planning, LLC

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Greg Brown founded Pathway Financial in 2011 in order to create a new kind of service to help people build wealth and plan for their financial future; one that was simple, personal and transparent. He wanted clients to have more time to focus on their families and careers, knowing that their financial futures were in good hands. Before Pathway, Greg was a former analyst at Morningstar with over two decades of investing experience, the first being when he bought his a mutual fund at age 12 using proceeds from a paper route. Greg saw that many people weren’t being well served by existing investment and financial planning products. He saw the commission structures that dominated the financial industry meant that clients didn’t always receive the highest level of focus from their financial planner or advisor.

Greg made the decision to create Pathway Financial after hearing from family members and friends who had sizable portfolios, but were no longer comfortable managing their own investments. They had families to take care of, college funds to build and were confused by too much conflicting information. Most of them lacked the time needed to research all the options necessary to make an informed decision. Some had reached out to financial planners for help, but were often disappointed by the complexity and the time-consuming 30+ page reports they received but never understood. They complained about the lack of easy access to their own financial plans and investment details. Others were turned off by feeling like they were being “sold to” whenever they met with their advisors. Greg decided that there must be a better way.

With Pathway, Greg set out to create a simple and transparent financial planning service, built on proven investment strategies and personalized to each client's needs. Greg answers the question, “How should I invest my money and plan intelligently for the future?” with simple financial planning and smart investing that helps his clients get more from their income and assets. As a fee-only financial planner, Greg only acts in his client’s best interests with no hidden motivations or incentives.

Greg earned his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering at Michigan State University and his master of public policy at the University of Chicago. Outside of the office, Greg enjoys running, weight lifting, mountain biking, playing guitar, woodworking, and foreign travel.


Master of Public Policy, Public Finance, University of Chicago
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University

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$12 million

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