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John Eiduk

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“John Eiduk, Managing Partner at Elite Asset Management, is committed to offering a suite of top-level investment strategies with no minimums, no hidden fees, and no trading charges. ”

Elite Asset Management

Job Title:

Managing Partner


John Eiduk is the Managing Partner at Elite Asset Management, an independent fee-only registered investment advisory firm (RIA) for investors that are looking for a better way to invest, are fed up with poor investment performance, and high fees. John believes the solution to this problem is offering a suite of top-level investment strategies with no minimums, no hidden fees, and no trading charges. Each client portfolio is designed to serve multiple investor personalities and styles, as each strategy has a varying degree of strategic and tactical investments. John was previously a retail investor and a professional investment advisor for many years. He was not being satisfied with the salesman approach to financial services, so he decided to start an independent fee-only registered investment advisory firm (RIA).

Having an extensive background in accounting (CPA), personal finance (CFP™), and information technology, John started his career as a consultant and later a project manager, that designed and implemented complex budgeting and forecasting software solutions for clients across the country. Back in 2009 his son was born. After watching his own father struggle after being laid off in his 50’s, John knew he had to get serious about my finances. It was no longer just about him and he decided he needed a plan where he could enjoy his life TODAY while securing his FUTURE, as parenthood is hard enough without having to worry about bull or bear markets.

John earned his bachelor of science in accounting at DePaul University in 1999. He holds his series 6, 63, 65, 7 licenses all accumulated over the span of two years. John is a member of AICPA, the American Institute of CPA's, as well as ILCP, an Illinois CPA society.


BS, Accounting, DePaul University

Assets Under Management:

$10 million

Fee Structure:


CRD Number:



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The options that say "index" will usually have the lowest fee's associated with them, since fee's are taken out of the funds performace.  

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