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Nick Vail

Personal Finance, Retirement, Lifestage Based Planning
“Nick Vail is dedicated to helping his clients pursue financial success by striving to remove the guesswork from their financial life. He specializes in working with higher ed faculty and staff.”

Integrity Wealth Advisors

Job Title:

Financial Advisor


I love this business!  I am passionate about building relationships and serving others .  In this business I can only become successful by helping other people become successful - what a powerful thought!  Every client is different, and because of that, presents unique challenges.  No two days, or clients, are alike.  I strive to provide the best service possible to my clients.  I treat each client as if he/she was a close relative that needs my advice.  My clients get to know me well as we engage in their financial planning experience together.  In the long run, my clients become more than just clients, they become friends.


My focus is on working with higher ed professors and staff.  There is a lack of service and unbiased advice to higher ed employees.  I help these employees to understand and maximize their benefits, save for retirement, create retirement income, and understand opportunities that they have from outside income.  I know that professors have unique needs and challenges and I help them to remove the guesswork from their financial lives.

Check out the articles I have written for the higher ed community.

I spent four amazing years in West Lafayette before graduating from Purdue University in 2011 with a major in Financial Counseling and Planning, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.  I am a Boilermaker alumnus, but my football allegiance lies with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  My father and I have been going to games together since I can remember.  Go Irish!

In my free time, I am a huge sports fan.  I also enjoy working out, reading, and spending as much time with my family and friends as possible.


Three Fun Facts:

1. Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting  "How do you like dem apples!?"

2. Favorite Musicians: Leon Bridges and Zac Brown 

3. I am a Dairy Queen blizzard connoisseur.  I will try any of them, but my go to is Reese's.


BS, Financial Counseling and Planning, Purdue University

CRD Number:



Securities offered through Securities America, Inc., a Registered

Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through

Securities America Advisors, Inc., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Integrity Wealth Advisors and Securities America are unaffiliated.

Office address: 8888 Keystone Crossing, Suite 1300. Indianapolis, IN. 46240.

Securities Licensed in IN, MI.

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