Nick Adornetto

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Nick Adornetto, Financial Advisor at BCG Securities, uses a unique team approach to help his clients reach their financial goals.”

BCG Securities

Job Title:

Financial Advisor


Nick Adornetto is a Financial Advisor at BCG Securities, Inc., a premier broker-dealer with unsurpassed trust and integrity with their loyal clientele. A relationship with BCG Securities is personal, and is built to last. Nick and his team provide professional, diligent, consistent management and advice for individuals, businesses, and financial professionals. Matched with their experience in investment management, private client relationships, philanthropy, and estate planning and administration, Nick and his team bring a finely honed perspective to help their clients achieve their objectives.

Nick and his team are experienced and forward thinking professionals who are keep up to date with the latest financial trends, utilizing state of the art technology so that they can provide every client with leading expertise and personalized service and care. They help their clients achieve their most worthwhile financial goals. One of the benefits of working with Nick is his ability to provide clear, easily understood explanations of financial products and services.

Before BCG Securities, Nick was the Retirement Plan Director at Delaware Valley Financial Group. He also held a position as a Qualified Plan Specialist at Leon L. Leavy & Associates, where he served as a client relationship manager for over 100 retirement plans. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Media Studies at La Salle University.


BA, Mass Communication and Media Studies, La Salle University

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