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“John Daly, of Daly Investment Management, and his team have customized advice designed to grow, protect, and conserve our clients’ wealth by delivering the highest level of service and expertise.”

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President, Wealth Manager


John has been providing sound financial advice to individuals, families, and small business owners for over 17 years. John started his career as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley in Scottsdale, AZ where he earned the Nation Directors Award his first two years. Upon moving back to his home town of Chicago, John joined Charles Schwab & Co as a Vice President-Financial Consultant. At Schwab, he provided fee based investment advice to high net worth individuals. After spending 10 years at two of the country's largest brokerage firms, John realized there were too many roadblocks on that side of the business and clients were getting the short end of the stick. Corporate conflicts of interest, firms trying to sell proprietary products, third party kick backs, and high fees were all hurting the end client. He knew there was a better way to help people achieve their financial goals. In 2009, John opened Daly Investment Management LLC to offer investors a true fiduciary option for their wealth management needs; to have someone who looks out for their needs, not the needs of big corporate brokerage firms.  John believes his greatest responsibility is to provide objective and prudent investment advice to help clients reach their goals.

John is graduate of Arizona State University where he majored in Finance. He is also a graduate of the College for Financial Planning. After which he went onto earn his Certified Financial Planner designation.

John lives in Mount Prospect, IL with his wife Laura and their two daughters. In his spare time John enjoys golfing, fishing, coaching his daughter's basketball team, and mainly spending time with his family. John is also a member of the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce. You can find him volunteering at many events throughout the community.


BS, Finance, Arizona State University

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