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Rob Auclair

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“With over 17 years of experience in the finance industry, Robert Auclair is dedicated to creating and maintaining wealth for his clients through long term effective asset management. ”

Balanced Wealth Management

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Rob Auclair is a 1996 graduate from Providence college with a degree in accountancy. Rob spent one year in Boston as a bond accountant with State Street Bank. In 1998, Rob joined Northwestern Mutual where he received new representative of the year along with reaching MDRT (million dollar round table) status. In 2005, Rob merged with Randall Financial Group to bring financial planning and investment strategies to the forefront of his practice. In 2006, Rob helped lead Randall Financial Group's purchase of King Tax Planning in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. The practice prepared over 500 returns annually along with integrating financial planning and investment planning with tax clients.

In 2015, Rob opened up Balanced Wealth Management where he integrates technology, investment planning, financial planning, with the psychology of motivating people to reach their life and financial goals. Rob specializes in portfolio management, 401K Fiduciary Fund Management, Individual Financial Plans, Tax and Investment Integration Planning. He is committed to building client relationships based on trust, competent professional advice, continual communication and prompt personal service. As with all successful professionals, he believes that a good financial plan is the foundation for long term financial success.

Rob was featured for four years on Fox Providence's Money Pros as the financial planning pro. In addition, he has been heard on WPRO, along with several appearances on Providence's ABC-6. He continues to be a resource for local media in regards to investments and financial planning.


BS, Accountancy, Providence College

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    Investing, 401(k), IRAs, Mutual Funds, Starting Out
Should I buy into an index fund while the market is at record highs, wait until it dips again, or does it even matter?
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First of all it depends how old you are and the type of asset risk you are willing to take.  Let's assume you have 10 years or more until retirtement and have moderate risk (60% equity and 40% bonds).  Trying to time your way into a market has the highest probability for loss.  I had many clients over the last 5 years tell me the same thing and never imagined the market would keep going up.  They have sat on cash for 5 years and have lost large amounts of asset appreciation.

Just set an allocation and keep buying.  You will go through many cycles over the next 10,20 or 30 years.  THe only sure thing is markets will go up and markets will go down.  Be proactive and buy now.  Remember keep your money working and keep adding when the market does correct.

September 2018
    Financial Planning, Retirement, 401(k), IRAs, Taxes
My company offers a 401(k) and a Roth 401(k), and I currently contribute to both; should I put all of my contribution money toward the Roth 401(k)?
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October 2018
Is it possible to combine four 401(k) plans into one?
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September 2018
    Career / Compensation
What amount of fees should I reasonably expect from a Financial Advisor?
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January 2017
    Personal Finance
Should I take my lottery winnings in a lump sum or annually?
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October 2016