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“Joseph Glowka strives to make his clients’ lives easier by delivering a great service experience, the tools and resources to grow their business, and the technology they need to operate efficiently.”

JL Glowka Wealth Management

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Financial Consultant


Joseph Glowka is a Financial Consultant for JL Glowka Wealth Management located in New Britain, Connecticut. He has over 6 years of employment with this firm as a Sales Assistant and most recently as of this year, a Financial Consultant. He strives to put his clients and their needs first so that they can better sleep at night knowing that their financial future is in good hands.

When Joseph is not working, his life revolves around his wonderful fiancé and two European boxers. He is a member of numerous organizations including the National Rifle Association, the Rotary Club New Britain-Berlin, and Toastmasters International. His hobbies include baseball, boxing, football, and weightlifting.

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    Debt, Investing
Should I begin to invest despite being in debt?

Thank you for your question.  Being 27 myself I get these questions a lot from friends and family in our age bracket.  In general what I usually tell them is to first contribute up to the match in your companies 401(k) plan if one is available to you.  Next to establish an emergency fund of about $1000.  After establishing your small emergency fund begin to pay off your debt from smallest to largest.  After all debt is paid its time to grow your emergency fund to cover 3-6 months of expenses.  After these steps are done its time to begin investing for your future.  Consider atleast investing 15% of your income into suitable investments based on your personal needs.  

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