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Adam Glassberg

Personal Finance, Investing, Taxes
“Adam Glassberg, CFP®, specializes in helping young professionals and young doctors who need assistance with tax savings, budgeting, loan repayment, and investment strategies. ”

D3 Financial Counselors

Job Title:

Financial Counselor


Adam is a Co-Owner and a Senior Portfolio Manager at D3 Financial Counselors. He and Don Duncan oversee all of the Affordable Family Office services provided to D3 Financial Counselor’s clients. Besides portfolio management, Adam specializes in helping medical professionals and corporate clients with wealth accumulation strategies.

Adam joined D3's team in June 2008, after graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a specialization in Financial Planning. Adam earned his CFP® designation in June 2011 and his Certified Investment Management Analyst ® (CIMA®) certification in June 2012. Adam is also a NAPFA registered financial planner. Adam successfully completed D3’s Financial Planning Management Development Program and is now a part owner of D3 Financial Counselors. He has responsibility for helping to manage all of the Affordable Family Office services provided to D3 Financial Counselor’s clients. Since 2012, Adam has been conducting seminars for graduating medical school and dental school students on debt reduction and wealth accumulation strategies at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Adam currently lives in Lisle with his wife Amanda, daughter Addison, and dog Chula. In his spare time, he likes to stay active by biking, running, playing tennis and skiing. He also enjoys the sports, music, and food culture that Chicago has to offer.

Assets Under Management:

$205 million

Fee Structure:


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