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Bob Gavlak

Personal Finance, Retirement, Lifestage Based Planning
“As a wealth advisor with Strategic Wealth Partners, Bob Gavlak assist his clients in formulating a plan for reaching all of their retirement goals.”

Strategic Wealth Partners, Ltd.

Job Title:

Wealth Advisor


Bob Gavlak is a Certified Financial Planner professional and Wealth Advisor at Strategic Wealth Partners. Bob employs a holistic approach when working with his clients, ensuring that all aspects of an individual's financial needs are taken care of. He specializes in working with young professionals and pre-retirees through personal interaction, helping to build the ideal plan for navigating a broad range of financial situations.

Bob graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a BS in Business Management. An entrepreneur at heart, he started Fresh Fork Market, a company that connects local farms to consumers, while still in college. When farming lost its luster, he turned to helping young professionals and pre-retirees navigate their financial lives. Bob enjoys the challenge of navigating complex financial situations while simultaneously ensuring that the appropriate risk management strategies are in place.

A lifelong wrester and three-time Academic All-American in college, Bob still avidly follows the sport. He also enjoys golfing, running, discussing Cleveland sports, and spending time with his family. He lives in Delaware, Ohio with his wife, Heather, and their three children, Grace, Mitch and Andy.


BS, Business Management - Finance Concentration, Case Western Reserve University

Assets Under Management:

$30 million

CRD Number:


Insurance License:


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October 2017
    Personal Finance

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I mistakenly contributed too much money to my 401(k) account; can I withdraw some of my contribution so I'm eligible for my employer's match?
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Don't act too quickly! You're safe - don't worry.

The $18,500 limit is based on "employee" deferrals only. So that limit only caps your personal decision to put into the 401(k) plan.

Your employer match will be put into your 401(k) ON TOP of that amount. The limit set by the IRS for 2018 is $55,000 per year total deferral between employee AND employer.

So in short - you're safe. You've maxed out your contribution (unless you're over the age of 50, as then you get an additional $6,000 catch-up) and your employer is still required to put in your matching contribution.

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