Robert Boggess

Retirement, Investing, Taxes
“With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, Robert Boggess takes a proactive approach to creating tax-saving strategies that consider each client's goals and objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.”

IREXA® Financial Services / Wealth Strategies

Job Title:

Chief Executive Officer


Robert (Bob) Boggess is the CEO and Chief Strategist for IREXA Financial Services/Wealth Strategies. Bob's focus is Strategic Tax Mitigation (TM).  He has been helping investors build, manage and preserve financial wealth for 30 years. Bob's focus is developing innovative, tax-efficient investment strategies.  He specializes in developing tax-efficient investment strategies .  His strategies focus on: wealth building, wealth maintenance, wealth protection, and estate planning, while minimizing taxable impacts.

Bob works with high net worth individuals, their CPAs, and tax advisors to construct investment strategies for maximum tax savings. He offers tax-efficient, non-traditional, investment solutions to build and protect clients' financial health. Bob believes the best wealth management strategies keep your money working for you by utilizing investment vehicles that defer and mitigate taxes, that's tax-efficiency.


Robert L. Boggess is a Registered Representative with Great Point Capital, LLC. He is licensed in AL, AZ, CA, CO, MT, OR, VA, WA.


BaED, Architecture, University of Washington

Assets Under Management:

$1 million

CRD Number:


Insurance License:



IREXA® Financial Services / Wealth Strategies collaborates with CPAs, attorneys, and other tax planning professionals to assist clients with tax mitigation strategies. Neither IREXA® and Great Point Capital, LLC are not tax professionals or attorneys. IREXA® only provides client tax mitigation strategies through, and with the approval of, the client’s professional counsel.

Securities offered through Great Point Capital, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, 200 W Jackson Blvd #1000, Chicago, IL 60606, telephone (312) 356-4872. IREXA® is not affiliated with Great Point Capital, LLC. 

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