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Corey Purkat

Personal Finance, Retirement, Lifestage Based Planning
“Corey Purkat, CEO of NorthwoodFinancial, provides services that will help business owners maximize tax benefits, create efficiencies within their staff, and reduce financial-related anxiety that can affect productivity, attendance, and the customer's experience”

Northwoods Fiduciary Advisors

Job Title:

Founder & CEO


Corey Purkat, Founder and CEO of Northwoods Financial, can't remember the first fish he ever caught but it definitely was an experience that had a lasting impression, that's for sure.

Spending time on the water, in the woods, or on the road to wherever we were headed, provided the opportunity for Corey's dad to share his love for the outdoors with him. He taught Corey about the responsibility, stewardship, and integrity involved with being a sportsman, something that is echoed through many other households across Minnesota.

When Corey's grandfather took his dream-vacation to Alaska a number of years ago, he had a bittersweet feeling about it. On one hand, it was great to see the excitement on his face when he talked about it. On the other, it was disappointing that he wasn't able to take this trip until he was well over 70 years old or enjoy it the way he would have been able to if he had been much younger. 

The reason Northwoods Financial Planning focuses on planning for retirement is because they want their clients to know that they don't have to wait until 70 years old to take a dream-vacation - proper planning and considering during a client's entire financial life will give them this flexibility. 

Corey and his wife Jen live in Oakdale, MN with two beautiful daughters, Addison Vail & Carrington Alice. 

Jen is an Early Childhood Education teacher in the local school district - every family that she works with is lucky to have someone as passionate as her on their side!

Cooking on the grill - anything really - is something Corey and Jen both enjoy and one of their favorite things to cook on the grill is hand-tossed BBQ Chicken Pizza.


BS, Finance, Winona State University

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How much is too much for a robo-advisor?
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Betterment is a great option if investments were the only piece of your financial puzzle. Although "robo-advisor" is a familiar term these days, most if not all "robo-advisors" only provide investment advice - there are dozens if not hundreds of topics, scenarios, and considerations to think of when dealing with a person's finacial goals. That being said, paired with a solid, fee-only financial planner (i.e. they get paid on their advice and not on something they sell you), it's more and more common place to have 100% of your investable assets on the Betterment platform while working alongside that financial planner. As far as when you should start seeking advice, even though my opinion is slightly biased - is yesterday. Even if you are saving as well as you are, is there something that could be improved upon (tax efficiency, the actual investments in your 401(k), are you optimizing your health benefits such as a company HSA, etc.)? Take a look at "Thinking Wealth" www.thinkingwealth.com - a good friend of mine works with young professionals that are good savers and looking to keep fees in check. He uses Betterment for all of his clients too. 

Good luck and keep up the good work on saving!


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