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Dan Stewart

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“With 24 years of experience in the financial services industry, Daniel Stewart helps his clients achieve their investment goals by providing actionable, non-biased research and advisory services.”

Revere Asset Management

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President & CIO


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Daniel Stewart is President & CIO of Revere Asset Management and has been providing financial services and portfolio management for over twenty years.  Revere Asset is a Fee Based RIA which Always Acts as a Fiduciary in the Best Interest of its Clients.  Prior to joining Revere Asset Management, Dan advised on investment portfolios exceeding $200M. He is also well versed in comprehensive planning including corporate, individual, and estate planning.

Dan joined the NorAm Capital team in 2010 to create and manage their Private Wealth Management firm. This eventually led Dan to buy the business and rename it Revere Asset Management. He graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with concentrations in Finance and Accounting. Dan has passed the CPA Examination on the first attempt and subsequently earned his CFA® Charter (Chartered Financial Analyst).

Dan, a native of San Antonio, Texas, is married with 3 children. Dan played NCAA tennis on a full scholarship at Vanderbilt University. He played professional tennis on the United States and European circuit and was then the Head Tennis Professional at both the Retama Polo & Tennis Club and Thousand Oaks Indoor/Outdoor Racquet Club, in San Antonio, Texas.  


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), BBA in Accounting

Assets Under Management:

$38 million

Fee Structure:

Fee Based Only - Fiduciary with No Conflicts of Interest

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No information presented constitutes a recommendation by Revere Asset Management, to buy, sell or hold any security, financial product or instrument discussed therein or to engage in any specific investment strategy. The content neither is, nor should be construed as, an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, to buy, sell, or hold any securities by Revere Asset Management. Revere Asset Management does not offer or provide any opinion regarding the nature, potential, value, suitability or profitability of any particular investment or investment strategy, and you are fully responsible for any investment decisions you make. Such decisions should be based solely on your evaluation of your financial circumstances, investment objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity needs.

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How can I invest in gold?
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There are many ways to invest in gold from ETFs, like the SPDRs Gold Shares, ticker GLD, to gold futures contract, to physical gold itself. If you are considering it a long term hold and hedge against monetary policy, then I suggest physical gold and silver. This way, you do not have the ongoing carrying costs of a fund or futures, but do have to figure out secure storage. In fact, I recommend to my client that they hold 10% of their assets in physical gold just in case this grand Fed experiment blows up and we experience high inflation.

For midterm over a couple of years (or short term if you are active), then the paper gold ETFs work well. As stated above, you can own GLD or even the gold miners via the VanEck Gold Miners, ticker GDX, or the VanEck Junior Gold Miners, ticker GDXJ. The miners will be somewhat more volatile than GLD, but are based upon the business of gold and gold mining, whereas GLD is based more upon the spot price of gold.  And there are other gold ETFs, even leveraged gold ETFs, but I wouldn't recommend those except for active traders.

To be successful in gold futures, you must have knowledge of how futures contracts work, which gets complicated. And GLD is well correlated to the spot price of gold. So based the way you worded your question, I would recommend physical gold or gold ETFs, or some combination thereof.

If you decide physical gold is one of your solutions, Dillon Gage (Google them) is one of the most reputable gold companies I know. I use them regularly for myself and clients. You can have your physical gold delivered to your doorstep and your are not responsible until you sign at delivery. I have done my due diligence and know the CEO of the company and the President of the Metals Division.

Storage can be an issue, but if your purchase is large enough, DG does have fully insured storage facilities both inside the country and in Canada. I believe the storage fee ranges from .45% to .65%, depending upon volume. This is "allocated" gold versus "unallocated" gold, which means they are your own specific coins or bars, not a promise of a certain amount of gold. And with 48 hours notice, you can go visit and inspect your gold at their vault with proper ID. Many big investment banks provide storage for "unallocated" gold which means they give you a paper certificate of the gold they owe you and in what form, but it is not your own specific coins/bars.

Even if you decide to store in a vault, you should always keep some on hand that is easily accessible. At least one person you trust should be aware of your hiding place so if you get hit by a bus, some new homeowner doesn't find an unexpected windfall. You do need to be clever how you store on site and I never discuss this via email or text, but small safes in a wall are not usually adequate because the thief can simply break the sheet rock, take the safe, and figure out how to open later. Behind pictures and in the bedroom closet is the first place they will look.

I tried to be as detailed as possible because there are many variables and many people don't think the whole process through. But I do think you are on the right track considering owning some portion of your portfolio in gold and it is not correlated well to stocks. Just don't go overboard. The only ex-rich people I know are the ones who went too top heavy in a particular asset class because they thought they had it all figured out.

Just as an interesting FYI, it has been in a downtrend as of late and just recently has been trying to break out to the upside. So, odds are it is a good entry point for physical gold and is even getting close to a buy point on the ETFs if it can break through resistance, which is it currently just under.

I think you have probably heard enough of my rants, but I do follow very closely.  Best of luck, Dan Stewart CFA®

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