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Dr. M. Nisa Khan

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“After building an extensive academic and industry background, Dr. M. Nisa Khan helps her clients succeed through her belief that patience, perseverance, and value investing over the long run are key to improved portfolios.”

IEM Asset Management

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Founder, President, Managing Member


Dr. M. Nisa Khan's extensive background includes a PhD in Electrical Engineering, a BA in Physics and Mathematics, and being licensed in Series 7 (Financial Brokerage), Series 66 (Financial Advisor & Securities Law), and Life and Health insurance (Financial Protection). In addition to actively managing assets with ongoing research and long-term outlook, Dr. Khan generates financial software tools for portfolio optimization, monitoring, and easy-to-understand account performance summaries, and financial planning. Dr. Khan understands tax liabilities and advantages of complicated investment gains/losses and works with her clients and their accountants when necessary. She pays acute attention to her clients' needs and feelings and proactively informs them of their financial status.  Dr. Khan has contributed to Seeking Alpha articles.  She has written comments on MarketWatch articles.  She has written analytic comments on finance now archived with the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Khan has over 30 years of semiconductor and optics experience in theory, design, and manufacturing; a background in EE, physics, and mathematics; worked at Bell Labs Research, Honeywell, JDSU and also worked as an entrepreneur and consultant in areas including semiconductor electronic, optical and lighting devices and modules.

Dr. Khan is the author of a groundbreaking book "Understanding LED Illumination" by CRC Press (Taylor & Francis) in August, 2013.  Her work includes LED chip, module, and luminaire designs, simulation, evaluation and new ideas for LED lamps and silicon photonics devices for telecom.  Dr. Khan believes the most important aspect of her work is managing her clients' assets intelligently with the highest ethical and meticulous standards.  Dr. Khan has been included in the Marquis Who's Who in 2018.



PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
BA, Physics and Mathematics, Macalester College

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IEM Asset Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory Company, approved and regulated by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the State of New Jersey Bureau of Securities

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