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“As the CEO of nVest Advisors, Jermey Torgerson specializes in serving the financial needs of working families, small business owners, educators, and employer-sponsored plans.”

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Jeremy Torgerson is the CEO at nVest Advisors, LLC in Texas and Colorado and has over 9 years of experience in the finance industry. 

Prior to his time in investment management, Jeremy and his wife were small business owners in Colorado, owning and operating two restaurants, “Torgi’s Pizza & Pasta Co.”, and a large independent video store called “Fast Forward” (yes, Millennials, they really did exist!)

A trained speaker and former professional actor, Jeremy still takes the occasional acting job when his time permits, most recently portraying a modern-day Jesus in the 6-part Christian mini-series Unconditional Love. He narrates audiobooks for Audible, and also hosts two podcasts. He was also a featured actor on the stage at the Camille Playhouse in Brownsville, where he recently starred as Randle McMurphy in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Boolie Werthan in Driving Miss Daisy. Jeremy also utilizes his performance background as our company spokesperson.

Investments became his “day job” after the economic downturn that began in 2006 with a cascade of home foreclosures near Jeremy’s businesses in northern Colorado. The impact of the recession devastated families and small businesses, yet Jeremy felt the “powers that be” were motivated to help only the large banks and investment companies that caused the financial crisis in the first place. Those “mom and pop” businesses, and along with them so many hard-working American families, were left to struggle.

Taking what he learned in both good and challenging business climates, Jeremy began his financial advisor career with Edward Jones in 2008, with a focus on helping small business owners. His office opened in Los Fresnos, TX in 2008. In 2011, he took his practice independent and formed Palo Alto Investments in Brownsville, TX.

Watching the financial industry evolve, and seeing the impact technology could make for the betterment of client service, Jeremy decided in late 2015 to reinvent “Palo Alto Investments” into nVest Advisors, LLC. Doing so, he left behind commissioned securities sales and focused instead on creating low-cost, fee-only, actively-managed investment accounts tailored to the average investor and small business owner.

In February 2017, Jeremy moved his family back to Colorado, and nVest Advisors now serves clients in both south Texas and throughout the state of Colorado.

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$8 million

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How do I start investing with only $25?
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Because of the way trading commissions will eat up small amounts of money very quickly, I wouldn't start investing until you had a larger pot to work with. By all means, continue to SAVE, but my guess is, if we only have $25, it's not likely you have much of an emergency fund saved yet, and that HAS to be the higher priority.

The other issue you have is, we're at all-time record highs in the stock markets right now. You anything you do buy will likely have never been at higher prices than now.

Save 3-6 months of your expenses (not "income" - expenses) and then shift that savings toward an investment account. Then, start with one of the zero-commission ETFs TD Ameritrade offers, and keep investing into one diversified ETF until you have several thousand dollars.

But baby steps. Do it right. Get some emergency savings built, THEN start working on your investments.

Best of luck to you! :)

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