Chris Hardy

Personal Finance, Investing, Taxes
“With almost 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Chris Hardy loves helping his clients achieve their financial goals and gain clarity on what they want to achieve.”

Paramount Investment Advisors, Inc.

Job Title:

Director of Planning and Investments


Chris D. Hardy, CFP®, EA, ChFC®, CLU® is the Founder and CEO of Paramount Investment Advisors, Inc. a firm that acknowledges and embraces their fiduciary responsibility to clients. Chris and his team accept the accountability of the recommendations that they provide to their clients.

Chris brings clarity to his clients financial vision by using his unique expertise in comprehensive wealth management and a disciplined process. Most people are not intentional with their finances beyond trying to pay down debt or set aside some money for a future event. He wants to help clients develop the plan that empowers them to live the life of their dreams, on their own terms.

Acting as the CFO of a clients' personal finances, Chris applies comprehensive strategies that help manage his clients' financial needs and goals. He has the experience and credentials to lead clients toward financial independence. Chris is a NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor and maintains the CFP®, EA, ChFC®, CLU® designations and certifications.


BS, Business Administration, Lee University

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October 2018

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    Debt, Pensions, Investing, Stocks, Taxes
How should I use my raise: invest more money in my wife's 401(k) account or pay down credit card debt?
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Pay off the credit card debt first until it is paid off. Then increase the amount going into her 401k by the amount of the raise and the amount you were putting towards the credit card debt. This will enable you to be debt free and reduce your AGI to continue with the IBR at a lower amount.

August 2018
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If I missed the deadline for my 2017 required minimum distribution (RMD) but did withdraw in January 2018, do I include the RMD as income in my 2017 or 2018 tax filing?
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March 2018
How can you borrow from a Roth IRA?
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December 2016
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Should I sell a stock that's down 70% for income tax purposes?
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April 2017