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Todd Sensing

Personal Finance, Investing, Lifestage Based Planning
“With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Todd Sensing is the CEO and founder of FamilyVest focused on helping families and families with special needs plan for their best future.”


Job Title:

CEO & Founder


Todd Sensing started FamilyVest because he wanted to draw on his more than two decades of financial and investment experience for the benefit of families. A father of two special needs children himself, he understands how much planning goes into taking care of a family, particularly those with special needs children. He finds it gratifying to help families achieve peace of mind in knowing that they are prepared to provide for their loved ones.

Before founding FamilyVest, Todd spent 20 years in the banking and financial industry, including with Bear Stearns, Donaldson, Lufkin, & Jenrette, and FHLBank Atlanta. Shortly before the mortgage crisis of 2007, he started Aardvark Market Neutral Fund, a long-short REIT fund and successfully steered his clients through the economy’s turmoil.

Despite his career success, Todd believed his work could be more fulfilling if he applied his expertise to helping families, especially those with special needs. Since founding FamilyVest, he has discovered that his greatest moments come when working with a family that believes a financial planner would be of little benefit or cost too much. As they see just how Todd can help them achieve their goals and dreams, he finds the transformation of their doubts into optimism truly gratifying.


BS, Economics, Georgia State university
MBA, Finance, Georgia State University

Assets Under Management:

$7 million

Fee Structure:

Retainer or Project Fee Only+

CRD Number:



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