Jeff Thompson

Retirement, Investing, Insurance
“Jeff Thompson, Managing Partner of JFThompson Wealth Management, is devoted to understanding each client's individual situation and providing them with quality information, products and services to help them reach all their financial goals.”

JFThompson Wealth Management

Job Title:

Managing Partner, Financial Planner


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Jeff Thompson has over 22 years of financial services experience, previously serving as the Managing Partner of Flagship Financial Partners, Larsen Thompson Wealth Management and as a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch. Jeff handles all client investment, insurance, wealth preservation and wealth building strategies for the firm. He is also known as The Retirement Jock, a financial/sports personality whose podcasts can be found on the website.

JFThompson Wealth Management has over 22 years of experience within the financial planning, investment advisory and insurance industry. With the diversity of education, industry and business, JFThompson Wealth Management has the foundation to provide unbiased advice to their clientele.

Jeff focuses on creating investment and financial plans that are geared towards retirement planning for pre-retirees and retirees that provides guaranteed inflation-adjusted income for life, while mitigating the risk of the market, longevity, inflation, taxation, etc.

With so many options available to those looking to grow and protect hard-earned assets, cutting through the clutter and finding the right solutions can be a challenge. Jeff understands these unique challenges and is driven to craft personalized, results-focused financial strategies for his clients.


University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

Assets Under Management:

$45 million

CRD Number:



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Investment Advisory Services provided by Leyenda Capital Partners LLC. Leyenda Capital Partners LLC is a State Registered Investor Advisor firm in the State of Colorado. Leyenda Capital Partners LLC dba JFThompson Wealth Management are affiliated entities.

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Should I roll over my traditional IRA into my Roth IRA at 60 years old?
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Because we handle over 90% of IRA money with our current clients, we look at this question all the time. The first thing is critical, you must have a future tax plan built for you for when you hit 70 1/2 years old. Why? Because this is the time when the IRS wants you to take your RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) whether you need the money or not. The IRS wants you to start paying taxes, so we look at your current IRA/401k monies to see if we think it will be $500,000 in total by the time you hit RMD age. Now, this is based on current tax laws, especially with regards to individual deductions that are currently in place, however, if you future income needs are such that between the RMD (assuming it is $500,000 or less in total balances) you must take and social security, that the total covers your needs and wants, then you should be close to not having to pay taxes anyway. I generally love Roth Conversions spread out over a five-year period to control being bumped up too high to the next income tax brackets. We also may consider and utilize IUL (Index Universal Life) Insurance to simulate a Roth Conversion future tax free income strategy. So if you think you won't hit that $500,000 IRA/401k number by 70 1/2, you may not have to do a Roth Conversion at all. But if you think the current tax laws will change and future taxes will be higher, then a Roth conversion could be a great strategy. I just wouldn't do a full Roth Conversion in one year, spread it out over at least five years


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