Jeff Thompson

Retirement, Investing, Insurance
“Jeff Thompson, Managing Partner of JFThompson Wealth Management, is devoted to understanding each client's individual situation and providing them with quality information, products and services to help them reach all their financial goals.”

JFThompson Wealth Management

Job Title:

Managing Partner, Financial Planner


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Jeff Thompson has over 22 years of financial services experience, previously serving as the Managing Partner of Flagship Financial Partners, Larsen Thompson Wealth Management and as a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch. Jeff handles all client investment, insurance, wealth preservation and wealth building strategies for the firm. He is also known as The Retirement Jock, a financial/sports personality whose podcasts can be found on the website.

JFThompson Wealth Management has over 22 years of experience within the financial planning, investment advisory and insurance industry. With the diversity of education, industry and business, JFThompson Wealth Management has the foundation to provide unbiased advice to their clientele.

Jeff focuses on creating investment and financial plans that are geared towards retirement planning for pre-retirees and retirees that provides guaranteed inflation-adjusted income for life, while mitigating the risk of the market, longevity, inflation, taxation, etc.

With so many options available to those looking to grow and protect hard-earned assets, cutting through the clutter and finding the right solutions can be a challenge. Jeff understands these unique challenges and is driven to craft personalized, results-focused financial strategies for his clients.


University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

Assets Under Management:

$45 million

CRD Number:



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Investment Advisory Services provided by Leyenda Capital Partners LLC. Leyenda Capital Partners LLC is a State Registered Investor Advisor firm in the State of Colorado. Leyenda Capital Partners LLC dba JFThompson Wealth Management are affiliated entities.

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What is the role of the broker in today's society?
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I have been in the financial services industry for 23 years and have seen many different markets, economies, and many life changes. The greatest change however is twofold: 1) people are living much longer in retirement and 2) the technology that is provided to brokers, investment managers and financial advisors has become nothing but incredible. My practice has changed over the years because of these two major paradigms. Why? The rules of retirement are radically different and much more challenging than the rules of basic saving and investing every will be. The nuances related to social security, medicare, taxation, healthcare and long-term care costs and all of the other 'What-if' scenarios that can occur in retirement are vastly greater and more difficult to predict than having the discipline of stashing money away into one's 401k plan. The technology and research that is available to our industry has made my job 100 times easier than even 10 years ago. So with that being said, do you need a broker? I still believe so. Why you ask? Because the reality is that most of us in the industry, which includes brokers, investment managers and financial advisors, know more than you do. It is not meant to be insulting, it is just the reality. Most of us in the industry have access to information and technology that is not available to you, and that is the other reality. Could you get by without a professional? While you are saving and investing maybe, but when you are getting ready for retirement or are in retirement you would be foolish to try to figure out all of the things that retirement requires to be understood and implemented. Don't short change the industry to save a buck. It will statiscally cost you more to do all of this on your own.

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