Matthew Murawski

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Matthew Murawski, Vice President of Goodstein Wealth Management, believes that the true value of good financial planning is not in the numbers, but in the life that the numbers make possible.”

Goodstein Wealth Management, LLC

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Investment Advisor


Matthew’s natural tendency to go the extra mile, whether at work or sports, is the foundation of his financial practice. After several successful years in the mid cap venture capital space, Matthew was drawn to the personal side of finance: his dedication to his clients stems from personal experience after witnessing his parents’ struggles to secure their own financial future. He realized the market was ready for an advisor who stuck to the fundamentals of solid, long term investing.

 After relocating from the Midwest, Matthew settled in Los Angeles and shortly thereafter joined forces with Alan Goodstein, CFP. As Alan’s business partner, Goodstein Wealth Management offers 25+ years of market experience, coupled with renewed energy and a fresh outlook for the next generation of clients.

 Matthew is married to Anja Liisa Garcia Murawski where they reside in West Los Angeles.


BA, Business, Penn State

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Fee Only

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We just had our state audit and the state of California just required us to bill monthly instead of quarterly for clients. So that is not a red flag. Normally the advisor is just paid right out of the funds electronically, so other than you having to send a check which seems archaic, it looks solid to me.

I hope this help!:)


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