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“Urban Adams, Business Development Officer with Dynamic Wealth Advisors, is an excellent resource in helping advisors navigate and better understand their available options; his focus is enabling advisors to achieve success, beyond just independence.”

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Business Development Officer


Urban Adams is an Investment Advisor Representative of Dynamic Wealth Advisors. Urban earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and has held numerous securities licenses during his career. Urban possesses over 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry.Urban began his career with a prominent mutual fund company, and worked with individual investors. Later, Urban joined a major discount brokerage firm, where he worked nearly 10 years.Prior to joining Dynamic Wealth Advisors, Urban worked as Director of Operations, and Investment Advisor Representative for a large advisory firm in Orange County, California.

As an independent, fee-only advisor with Dynamic Wealth Advisors, Urban works with a wide range of clients from small business owners to employees of large corporations, from clients who are still accumulating their wealth to those nearing (or in) retirement. Urban focuses on his clients’ long term goals for retirement, college savings, legacy, and more, and works with clients to design a plan to reach their goals.In addition to individual wealth management, and financial planning, Urban also serves as advisor to retirement plans for businesses.

When Urban is not working with his advisory clients, he is involved in his local community. Previously, Urban has volunteered with Boys and Girls Clubs delivering financial literacy classes to teens. Urban also volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona. Since relocating to Orange County, Urban has served as a volunteer coach, and Board Member of Irvine Girls Softball Association, and President of Woodbridge High School Boosters. Most recently, Urban joined the softball coaching staff for Woodbridge High School as  Junior Varsity coach.


BS, Business Administration, University of Phoenix

Assets Under Management:

$8 million

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Advisory services offered through Dynamic Wealth Advisors.

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Another way that a Roth IRA grows over time is tax free. Since the contributions to Roth IRA’s are made with funds that are already taxed, there is not an immediate benefit. The benefit is later when you are making distributions after age 59 ½. Using the example $1000 contribution from the paragraph above, if that $1000 grew to $5000 after age 59 ½, when distributed the $5000 would be free of taxes.

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