Steve Kobrin

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“As an independent life insurance broker, Steve Kobrin specializes in helping people considered high risk and uninsurable.”

The firm of Steven H. Kobrin, LUTCF

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I am second generation in the life insurance business, and have brought our local general agency on to the national stage.  In doing so, my team and I have created an independent brokerage with a truly unique platform of services, for both consumers and their advisors. These include:

* A policy for virtually every applicant, from preferred risk to high-risk. 

* Applications approved at the rate quoted

* Complementary policy audits for all clients to ensure optimum product performance.

When I am away from my desk, I am spending time with my family, especially my darling granddaughter. I am a serious martial arts practitioner, as well as a student of philosophy, religion, and psychology.


BA in Liberal Arts

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I am licensed to sell life insurance in every state except Alaska and Hawaii.

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Should a single person with assets above $1M buy life insurance as an estate planning tool?
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Here's why you might want to do this:

Life insurance provides great value. Every dollar of benefit literally costs pennies in premium. So, it's very economical way of making a gift.

Life insurance provides very strong guarantees. You can structure a policy so that both the premium and the death benefit are guaranteed for your lifetime. This helps you do some pretty precise planning.

Life insurance is very secure. When companies have had financial difficulty, other companies have stepped in to honor their obligations.

The carrier that would be most competitive for you should be identified during prequalification. Each carrier varies in how they underwrite different mortality risks. Some are good for super healthy people, others are good for diabetics, yet others good for mountain climbers. Make sure you work with a broker who will quote you a rate that is both competitive and reliable, and can truthfully say that is the best rate the market has to offer. Then you can apply confident you have selected the right company. 

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