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Steve Kobrin

Small Business, Insurance, Lifestage Based Planning
“As an independent life insurance broker, Steve Kobrin specializes in helping people considered high risk and uninsurable. His firm also runs the Global Insurance Portal.”

The firm of Steven H. Kobrin, LUTCF

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 In 1991, I entered the life insurance business full-time, and soon formed my own national brokerage. Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to mastering the craft of selling life insurance, and am an expert in helping people get a policy who represent a “higher risk” due to health, lifestyle, or other personal issues. Along the way, I have developed a huge network of industry contacts that enables me to serve as a primary resource for all the insurance needs of my individual and corporate clients.

I now help brokers, advisers, and financial firms across the country utilize my organization and become a primary resource for the insurance needs of their own clients. They form strategic partnerships with my providers so they can stay within their own area of specialization, yet help their clients purchase the other products they need from professionals in those marketplaces. It's a winning formula for all concerned.

My firm runs a Global Insurance Portal through which consumers, brokers, consulting firms, and agencies can gain access to the insurance resources they need, on a global basis. http://planrisklive.com/global-insurance-portal/

On the personal side, I am a religious Jew and avid practitioner of kung fu. I have studied spiritual disciplines and personal development all my adult life. I am a conservative in my political and economic views, and a liberal when it comes to keeping an open mind and a willingness to work with people of all persuasions.    


BA in Liberal Arts

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I am licensed to sell life insurance. Here's my interview with financial educator and consultant George Bailey:


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    Financial Planning, Asset Allocation
What is a recommended amount to keep in our emergency fund?
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My own personal standard for an emergency fund is one year of expenses. This is a minimum, I am actually thinking about increasing it to two years.

I have learned from experience that it takes one to two years to recover from a serious financial/business setback. Bear in mind, we are talking about something major here that results in a substantial loss of income, and which will require some rebuilding to get back to normal.

I don't want to have to dip into my retirement or investment accounts in this situation. I want to depend exclusively on the reserve fund, and let it do its job. So, I think it's better to over-fund it, as opposed to under-fund it and jeopardize my other monies.

I use a simple cash account with my broker. No fees, no interest, and liquid. If I needed the money in two hours, I can get it.

As my cash picture changes, the role of this reserve fund will change. In my next stage of life, I may want it to be larger. Or, if I reduce my expenses, it will be smaller.

March 2017
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Is a cash value life insurance policy a good idea for me?
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How do I find out if my deceased mother left me an insurance policy?
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How can I borrow money from my life insurance policy?
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Do beneficiaries pay taxes on life insurance?
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