Hank Hanau

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“With over 23 years of experience in the financial industry, Hank Hanau is dedicated to providing conflict-free financial advice for individuals of all income levels.”

HFH Planning Inc.

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Financial Strategist


Hank Hanau CFP®, Financial Strategist,  owned and operated a multi-million dollar business from 1964 through 1979 before selling it and joining the investment firm of Bache Halsey Stuart Shields (now Wells Fargo Securities) and becoming a Vice President of Investments.

Hank created HFH Planning for two reasons: Firstly, the commission based structure of major brokerage firms does not favor the middle-income individual who is most in need of a financial plan. Secondly, due to the same fee structure, major brokerage firms, generally, may only suggest financial products for which they receive a commission – that is not always the best product for the client.

HFH is one of the few firms to use clients' income and net worth to determine an appropriate fee for ongoing advice and direction. The advice Hank and his team provide is based solely on our expertise — not on any commissions or hidden fees they might earn by recommending a particular product. Using income and net worth is truly objective, fair, transparent and aligned with clients' goals at all times. It also makes Hank and his team's services accessible to clients of any and all income levels. As Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, they are required to always put the interest of their clients before those of their firm. And they wouldn’t do business any other way.


BS, Management, Indiana University Bloomington

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How can I prevent commissions and fees from eating up my trading profits?

Use a financial advisor such as my firm, HFH Planning Inc., that does not charge commissions, and works on an hourly rate or a retainer fee. We choose mutual funds based on their performance and one of our criteria is the fee the fund charges. Of course, if you want to trade stocks, look for a broker that has very low trading fees. There are a number of them.


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