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“Shane Larson, Owner of S.P. Larson Financial Planning, was a former caregiver himself and understands the unique circumstances caregivers are faced with and can help develop a solid plan to guide them through their journey.”

S.P.Larson Financial Planning, LLC

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Owner, Financial Planner


Shane P. Larson, CFP® is the owner of S.P.Larson Financial Planning, LLC.  Shane founded S.P.Larson Financial Planning, LLC with the belief that financial planning is not a cookie-cutter and generic process, but is extremely individualistic, with the most successful plans coming when one starts having their money working in line with their values.  

 During the months leading up to Shane taking his CFP® exam, he and his family experienced difficult times with the declining health of a loved one. Between work, studying and long visits at a hospital bedside, he also helped keep the finances together so care would not be interrupted.  Shortly after he passed the test, he began to realize that others experience the same difficulties while trying to deal with money. Shane wanted to be an anchor for others like he was for his family. This experience also helped him develop the S.P.Larson Financial Planning philosophy of incorporating client's values into a financial plan; a step he feels is often overlooked.

 Outside of work, Shane likes riding his bike, obsessing over baseball and his beloved Mariners, reading huge books, enjoying a slice of pizza and a pint of craft beer, and taking impromptu trips with this fiancée .


BA, Business Administration, Washington State University

Assets Under Management:

$1 million

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