Jonathan Miller

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“Jonathan Miller, President of Parsonex, believes in a long-term approach for the biggest financial challenge that his clients can face… retirement.”

Parsonex Advisory Services, Inc.

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President, CEO


Jonathan Miller is the President & CEO of Parsonex Enterprises, Inc. and its affiliates.

Jonathan leads a team of financial advisors who manage over $250 Million for clients across the country. He personally services a select group of clients located near his home in Colorado and brings a breadth and depth of knowledge that few advisors can boast.

Miller is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and executive who specializes in creating and growing businesses and systems, recruiting, training and developing financial advisers and entrepreneurs, creating effective marketing and distribution systems, and building strong management teams.

Miller has built several companies from the ground up, including Parsonex Securities, an independent broker/dealer, which he founded in 2007, Parsonex Advisory Services, an SEC registered investment adviser, an independent insurance agency and a mortgage company which no longer operates. Miller has succeeded in a variety of endeavors and excels at leading people-centric organizations.

Having started several successful companies he brings both industry level investment expertise and entrepreneurial experience to business owners and industry leaders who are seeking financial advice.

Jonathan, his wife Jayme, and their two children live in the front range and are active in the community.


BA, Political Science, Iowa State University

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