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“With over a decade of financial planning expertise, Jamin Armstead is passionate about helping clients' plan and take action to realize their financial goals.”

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Owner/Financial Advisor


Jamin's journey began in Richmond, IN, where his parents instilled in him his faith in God, the value of hard work and that anything you want to achieve in life is possible.  His parents taught him that hard work, dedication to doing what's right, and having faith in God and oneself will help make any dream come true!

In 2002, Jamin graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in Economics, but did not know exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up.  His vision was to help people and their families more directly.  During the last 10 years, he's had the pleasure of working with his true passion, Generation X.  His "sandwich" generation faces insufficient retirement savings, worries about aging parents, concerns about kids' college choices and costs, and being the first generation to experience the paradigm shift from the "safety" of pensions to the uncertainty of 401ks and IRA's.

This experience ultimately led Jamin to create J. Dishon Financial, where he is able to tailor solutions based on his clients' concerns, be more transparent and develop deeper relationships with the families he serves. He focuses on areas of financial concern such as retirement planning (IRA's, 401k plans, and rollover consolidation), budgeting, college planning, wealth strategies, and protecting assets and families through life insurance.

Jamin is currently the radio host of "Everything Cha-Ching," and can be heard every Tuesday evening on WDJY 99.1 FM (WDJYFM.com) and has also been quoted in several media publications:  Yahoo Finance, US News & World Report, and Self-Lender.

Jamin takes pride being in a position to help clients reach their financial goals and is blessed to fulfill his passion.  J Dishon Financial is where goals are borne to succeed!


BA, Economics, Indiana University Bloomington

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What are the main differences between a systematic investment plan (SIP) and mutual funds?
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Great question! It is not as much about how an SIP is different from mutual funds, but rather, how they work together. SIP is a method of investing that takes a certain amount of your cash and invests it periodically into mutual funds. I am reluctant to use this as an example, but for simplicity and for the sake of visualizing, let's take a 401(k) plan. Instead of an employee making a one time deposit per year into their plan of $6,000, (and not being sure where to put it) they instead, systematically invest every pay period $250 (24 pay periods on a bi-weekly pay scale) into the mutual funds within the 401(k). That was a high level example, but hopefully that helps conceptually. SIP is just periodic deposits into mutual funds, where as mutual funds themselves are just baskets of investments (stocks and bonds).

I hope that helps.

Jamin Armstead

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