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Virajith Wijeweera

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Virajith Wijeweera, Investment Consultant with FPL Capital Management, is committed to empowering the individual investor by providing an investment platform that offers comprehensive and scalable investment and wealth management services.”

FPL Capital Management, LLC

Job Title:

Director of Trading & Operations, Investment Consultant


Virajith Wijeweera joined FPL Capital Management in 2004. Virajith’s main responsibilities include portfolio trading and supervising all operations activities.  He has been under the tutelage of Michael George for 11 years. He received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. He has also completed the Certified Financial Planner program through University of Georgia’s Executive Program.

FPL Capital Management is a Fee-Only independent investment advisor fiduciaries registered with the Securities Exchange Commission. Virajith offer investors Model and Customized portfolios. Their portfolios are low-cost, passively managed, and globally diversified. Portfolios include funds from companies, such as DFA (Dimensional), Vanguard, AQR, PIMCO, WisdomTree, and iShares.

Virajith believes that all individual investors should have access to the same level of institutional investment management services that the large institutions receive. However, he also believes that receiving institutional level management services should not result in exorbitant annual advisory fees.

Virajith's client base represents a wide variety investors that have different needs and wants – from ones who require the full spectrum of wealth management services to ones who only utilize their portfolio management services. The full-service clients receive everything from portfolio management, retirement planning, and income budgeting to tax preparation services. Through his professional network of certified financial planners, attorneys, and accountants, Virajith is able to offer these clients the full suite of wealth management services.


BA, Business Administration, University of New Orleans

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Hello - 

I think the first question you should ask advisors you are interviewing is that "do you operate at a fiduciary capacity?", which really means is that do you have any conflicts of interest when providing me advise or managing my portfolio.  Ideally, you want a Fee-Only advisor, where they do not (or should not) recieve commissions from any investment producuts they offer/sell you.

Historical evidence has proved that active portfolio management does not fare better than passive portfolio management so you want to look for an advisor who believes in a "buy and hold" investment philosophy while using the most cost-effective investment options available (index funds and enhanced index funds).  You probably want to stay away from an advisor who actively trades individual stocks.

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