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“Mike Chamberlain is a "fee-only" Registered Investment Advisor helping individuals, couples and families to balance current needs with future goals from the offices in Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Davis and Silicon Valley CA.”

Chamberlain Financial Planning and Wealth Management

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Michael Chamberlain has been helping people to make better financial decisions to improve their lives since the 1980’s. Chamberlain Financial Planning was established in 2007 to assist people on a fee-only basis, which means that we do not sell investments or insurance, unlike 95% of other firms.

Michael's education includes both Bachelors and Doctorate degrees from the University of California, Berkeley. Accredited Investment Fiduciary course work was from The Center for Fiduciary Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and CFP® course work was from Boston University.

Michael lives in Santa Cruz with his life partner, Patty, but most of his family is in Sacramento. His daughter Cathi, her husband and three kids, his two brothers and Mom and Dad are all living there. In 2009, Michael opened a branch office in Sacramento so that he could visit with his family more frequently. His son Mitch lives in Austin Texas with his wife and two little girls.

Sailing is one of Michael's life passions. It is a great way to get in touch with nature and he is fortunate enough to have a sailboat at the Santa Cruz harbor.


Doctorate, UC Berkeley

Assets Under Management:

$150 million

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Should I pay down my HELOC with money from my traditional IRA?
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Congratulations on pulling off an early retirement!

I, as well as many other fee-only financial planners love it when person has a pension. 

Not sure what you mean when you say the HELOC is for 10 more years of interest only. I assume just that and at the end of ten years one of two things will occur. You will have to pay the loan off or start a payment plan to pay it off in a set length of time.

You asked what seems a straight forward question, but you do not provide adequate information to give you an informed response. 

You did not specify other data points that would be needed to give you specific advice, such as: 

1) You said “our” but did you mean a spouse, a family or pet dog?

2) If it is a spouse, does the pension continue on when you die and at what %?

3) Does the spouse work, have a pension or other income?

4) What is the amount of the HELOC?

5) Is the home owned by just you or with the other part of “our”?

6) Will you be getting Social Security in the future and if so how much?

7) What is the repayment period once you have to start paying back principle?

8) Poes the pension have a COLA?

9) How are the ROTH funds invested and the expected rate of return?

10) How is the Deferred funds invested and expected rate of return?

11) Are the two types of investments tax efficient with growth in the ROTH and fixed income in the deferred accounts?

12) What is your health status and life expectancy and that of your spouse?

13) You are not on Medicare yet. How are health care costs being address? You may have big increases in the future prior to Medicare.

Perhaps to get a worthwhile answer, you should work with a fee only advisor that knows your specifics, rather than looking for general advice that may or may not be accurate for your situation.

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April 2018