John Alyo

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“With over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, John Alyo is committed to helping clients meet their financial goals and objectives that will allow them to do what they are passionate about.”

Harvest Investment Services, LLC

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Director of Investments and Trading


John Alyo is the Director of Investments & Trading, Co-portfolio Manager and Partner of Harvest Investment Services, LLC. John's strategy is very robust, but can be simplified into two primary steps - comprehensive financial planning and an investment philosophy that seeks to “Harvest Gains and Limit Losses.”

First, John prepare a comprehensive financial plan that is customized specifically for his clients. A clients' plan is a financial roadmap that provides clarity of their current financial position and illuminates their future with respect to their stated financial goals and objectives.

John works with individuals to establish financial goals and objectives that are not about tangible items that they want to purchase, but instead focus on what is important in life and how wealth can make those goals a reality.

Secondly, John's tactical investment philosophy is truly unique and does not subscribe to a buy and hold strategy, which he believes failed investors during the precipitous market declines that happened during the last two major corrections. His primary objective is to, “Harvest Gains and Limit Losses”, meaning his tactical investment approach strives to capture gains during a bull market and employ risk management tools that limit losses during a bear market.

In order to adhere to his objective John analyzes many asset classes, sectors, and financial markets daily to determine the momentum of those positions. This analysis helps him to determine what should be included in his different investment strategies and what should be removed. This is very unique as most investment advisor utilize a buy and hold approach that is reviewed infrequently.

John's investment philosophy works in-sync with his clients' financial plan. The investment strategies fit to help clients achieve their financial goals, so that they can fulfill the things that they are passionate about.


BA, Business Administration and Management, Aurora University

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