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“Tammy Wener, Principal of RW Financial Planning, is committed to providing objective, candid, and thoughtful financial planning advice to her clients.”

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Co-Founder, Principal


As co-founder of RW Financial Planning, Tammy Wener oversees the financial planning process for all clients and manages the day-to-day operations of the firm. She truly enjoys getting to know her clients and is not shy about asking questions. Tammy has 15+ years of experience in the financial planning and estate planning fields and has worked with a broad range of clients including: couples simultaneously planning for financial independence, caring for their parents, and saving for college; newly widowed and divorced women looking to become more financially literate; young couples just starting out; families juggling the demands of a child with special needs; and financially independent individuals and couples exploring “what comes next.”

Applying her business and financial planning experience and innate listening skills, she enjoys navigating challenging intra-family relationships and helping widows and widowers transition from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain financially to feeling confident and under control financially.

RW Financial Planning's singular purpose is to provide financial planning advice on an hourly or project basis. Clients pay only for the time they need, whether it is a couple of hours to review and discuss a specific concern or a comprehensive financial plan covering a wide range of topics. Tammy and her team do not sell or manage investments, sell insurance, or require that clients have a certain net worth or income to work with us. No commission. No assets-under-management fee. No product sales. No surprises.

Outside of the practice, Tammy serves on the Board of the Lexi Kazian Foundation, a local not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the comfort and quality of life for children with special needs. She enjoys cooking, reading, and CrossFit and lives in Vernon Hills with her husband, Brian, and children, Tyler and Lindsey.

Tammy's favorite places to travel are anywhere in Colorado and Italy When not working, she enjoys reading, learning, traveling, volunteering, CrossFit, and spending time with family and friends.


BA, Finance, Illinois State University
MBA, Finance, Depaul University

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What rules should I be aware of when inheriting a previously inherited Traditional IRA?

The rules are the same. There is no minimum required distribution age for IRAs inherited from a non-spouse.  You are required to continue taking the same distributions your mother was required to take regardless of your age.  If your mother took the required minimum distribution for the year she died, you are not required to take another distribution this year and can wait until next year to take your first distribution.  However, if she did not take the distribution for the year prior to her death, you are required to take it.  And, it is important to understand that you are not entitled to reset the life expectancy factor based on your own age; you are required to follow the life expectancy factor your mother had been using.  For example, if the life expectancy factor used for your mother’s first year required minimum distribution was 28.7 and she died after taking her fourth distribution, the factor for your distribution (which will be the 5th distribution) will be 24.7 (28.7 minus 1 for each year’s subsequent distribution).   IRS Publication 590-B provides some helpful information.

August 2017