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Ginny Brewster

Personal Finance, Investing, Lifestage Based Planning
“Ginny Brewster's, Principlal of Centaurus Financial, mission is to provide her clients with security, peace of mind, and the freedom to realize their dreams.”

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Job Title:

Registered Principal


Ginny Brewster has been helping people manage their investments to meet their financial goals for the last 31 years as a Certified Financial Planner, adhering to their strict code of ethics. Previously, she owned several retail business's and was a Realtor. Ginny's civic contributions have been many including: PTA for 24 years, School Board Chairman, Elected Clackamas County Treasurer serving 4 years, Precinct Committee Women for over 30 years, and many service clubs such as Rotary and Chamber, 4-H Leader, and Foster Parent and Republican Women Federated. She actively supports many charity causes such as The Clackamas Homeless Shelter.

Investments are Ginny's passion because they offer security and the freedom of choice. The expertise that she adds is the ability to evaluate portfolios, diversify them to meet certain objectives, and then set up income so the money has the potential of lasting a lifetime through all type of market conditions. Ginny's goal is to offer investments to her clients of the best USA and International Companies she can find. Her clients range from small investors just starting with a Dollar-cost-averaging strategies of $100 a month, including teaching children the value of investing to very large million dollar accounts for very successful people.Ginny strives to build a trustful relationship where the client knows she cares about them.

Her "PAY YOURSELF FIRST" is not just for the accumulation of money, which is certainly a large part of her financial plans. Ginny and her team are also looking at how their clients take that money and use it for future goals such as retirement income, college funding, special projects, and dreams that they may have for the future.

Ginny always tries to lower the impact of taxes and to spread the risk so there are never big losses in a bad market. Ginny looked outside the box by not just settling into an asset allocation model that is recommended by a bank or other advisors. She looks at the economy and mainly the money managers who are managing the money: what is their background, reputation and past successes and failures. Ginny is constantly studying  and learning, attending many investment due diligent meetings.


BS, Education, Oregon State University

Assets Under Management:

$30 million

CRD Number:


Insurance License:

#NPN# 682911


Securities and advisory services offered through Centaurus Financial, Inc. a national registered broker/dealer and a member FINRA and SIPC. This is not an offer to sell securities, which may be done only after proper delivery of a prospectus and client suitability is reviewed and determined. Information relating to securities is intended for use by individuals residing in AZ< CA, CO, MT, NV, OR, SC, WA.   I serve my clients from my offices in Palm Desert California and Portland Oregon. Supervisory




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    Financial Planning, Social Security
How should Social Security Income be spent?
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I am not sure of the exact rules that Social Security requires for the documentation of expenses related to the 3 children, but I know it is for care of the child. You need to go to socialsecurity.gov (If you google Social Security you'll get a lot of other sites which you don't want).  At the gov. site, if you open an account for yourself, it allows you to search for the answer, but my search did not say anything about the documentation of Social Security spent. It did say the child got benefits until age 16 and then it said age 18 for different circumstances.

As a responsible person, I would document how I spend the money for food, babysitting, and clothing. Also, document your average time each day of care such as driving, school visits, cleaning, and washing clothes. This will be good for tax records if you are ever audited. I would set up a savings account for each child, with you as their custodian, and deposit something like $50 or $100 a month for additional expenses. Then, when the child needs money for the basketball team or wants to go to summer camp, you have funds readily available for those activities. I would also set up a UGMA account in the name and Social Security # of the child with you as custodian. UGMA  means Uniform Gift to Minors Act. This is the long term account for big emergencies of further schooling. This account can be set up at banks, but I would recommend an account with one of the major mutual funds. They handle UGMA accounts and also 529 college accounts where you are the custodian. This account is for growth, so pick a growth equity fund which has the potential to double in amount invested for 10 to 15 years.

Find a planner who is willing to set up a small monthly payment of $100 a month until you reach $1,000 and then you can choose how to add money at any time or let the balance grow. The planner should be willing to explain this to you and also be willing to sit down and teach the child from about age 10 up so he will learn about investing. It is an invaluable lesson and they become very possessive and responsible with the money. Look for CFP planners who do commission products because they have a fiduciary responsibility of giving you this service. Yes, there is a small commission, but the funds have lower internal fees and the care and service is worth the education and help. I cannot give you specific fund names, but a good place to start is to google "oldest mutual funds" in USA and the ones that appear have funds with long track records and low minimum investment amounts. You can also view their performance and ratings. Always compare returns for 1,3,5, and 10 year performances. 

I hope his helps you and feel free to call me with questions.

Ginny Brewster

January 2017
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What is the best way to save for the future outside of a work retirement plan?
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