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“Alison Davies, principal of Fruition Advisors LLC, loves helping her clients achieve their financial goals and is an assiduous steward of their portfolios.”

Fruition Advisors LLC

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Certified Financial Planner


Alison Davies established Fruition Advisors LLC in 2013 after working with an independent investment advisory firm since 2010. She has a comprehensive knowledge of financial planning and investment management issues, having worked closely with individuals and families to find personalized solutions for simple to complex financial challenges.

Alison is a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner™). This mark is the gold standard of the financial planning industry and indicates that Alison has fulfilled the rigorous experience, examination, and ethical requirements in order to receive this designation.

Alison also holds a Certificate of Completion from the Professional Sequence in Personal Financial Planning Program at the University of California, Berkeley Extension, a Series 65 license from the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and she is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) East Bay Chapter.

As a comprehensive financial planning firm, Alison and her team's goal is to completely understand each client’s unique financial circumstances. Their approach is to carefully analyze clients’ financial situations, provide individualized recommendations for clients to meet their financial objectives, and monitor progress. Alison's emphasis is on realistic goal-setting and the promotion of long-term financial health. She believes that everyone deserves peace of mind and security when looking toward their financial future.

Prior to entering the financial industry, Alison earned a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Williams College in 2000 and a Master’s degree in Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2005.


BA, American Studies, Williams College
MA, Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz
Professional Sequence in Personal Financial Planning, University of California, Berkeley Extension

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