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Majid Hasan

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Majid Hasan, Managing Partner of Rock One Advisors, is focused on becoming the leading preferred financier and wealth advisory company to his clients; athletes, agents, entertainers, professionals, business owners and small corporations.”

Rock One Advisors, LLC

Job Title:

Managing Partner


Majid Hasan is the Managing Director of Rock One Advisors. Over the last 7 years, he has assisted clients that enjoy delegating financial tasks by offering advice, account reconciliation and providing tax advantage strategies. He has passed both NASD Series 7 and NASD Series 66 exams. Since beginning his financial services career in 2006 with Automated Data Processing, Majid has come to understand the dedication and hard work required for a leadership role in the industry. In 2008, he transitioned into the Global Wealth Management with Merrill Lynch and learned to create portfolios and develop comprehensive financial plans for affluent individuals. Majid also has worked with E*TRADE Financial where he educated insiders, senior management and employees eligible for equity compensation by explaining the importance of portfolio diversification by liquidating concentrated stock positions.

At Rock One Advisors, Majid is responsible for managing the assets of high net worth individuals and has developed effective wealth management strategies. Those who have worked with Majid commend his insight and honesty. Majid’s main objective is to educate clients to clearly identify and understand their values as well as recognize what motivates them. He believes it is his duty to enlighten clients and assist them in sifting through the financial chaos and abundance of information in an effort to help them make sound financial decisions.

Majid draws from an extensive management and marketing background including, but not limited to, Co-Founder of Right Track Healthcare, a residential treatment facility for at-risk youth in Durham, North Carolina and College Marketing Representative for Universal Music Group. Majid has also been credited as a platinum producer for Bad Boy Records in working with Sean ‘P-Diddy’ Combs composing a ballad for Mary J. Blige called “Friends” on her Love and Life LP among other artists. Majid enjoys volunteering and giving back to his community by supporting organizations like Relay for Life, Driving for Knowledge, Voter Registration and Blood Drives with the American Red Cross. Majid is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. He is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University and the University of Phoenix where he obtained a Masters in Business Management. Majid resides in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife Alicia and their two boys, Trey and Caleb. His family enjoys playing sports and traveling together. Majid is an avid reader and enjoys music production, a passion he has had for the past 13 years.


BS, Industrial Technology, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
MBA, Business Administration, University of Phoenix

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Where should I go for advice regarding my 401(k), IRA, brokerage, and cash flow?
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Its actually a great problem to have. However, a financial planner or investment advisor should be able to help you with either. It looks like you have multiple investment accounts and it maybe easier to first consoldiate the statements, if possible. This means rolling over any old 401ks to IRAs and also transferring everything to the same brokerage company or custodian. Now, that you know your risk tolerance base on your meeting with the financial planner please understand that picking stocks, bonds, mutual funds or ETFs for a portfolio or otherwise should probably be left to a professional. I'm not saying this so you can pay a fee. I'm saying this because you need a non-propietary discipline approach to investing. This also means the best stragety can win without emotional attachement. The main question you want to ask yourself is "Where am I getting my research and can I trust it"? Do I have time to manage my retirement account? Is my nest egg safer with me managing it versus a professional? How often do I rebalance my strategy or when do I abandon it completely? If you can answer these questions you may have a start. Otherwise, leave it to the professionals and find one that you can trust and speak your financial language. 

July 2017
Are ETFs liquid assets?
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