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“Salo Aizenberg, Owner of Downtown Investment Advisory, is devoted to creating a long term investment plan for each client and to implement these plans by selecting and managing a portfolio of investments.”

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Salo Aizenberg, a licensed Investment Advisor Representative, manages Downtown Investment Advisory. Salo is an expert investment professional with more than 20 years of institutional investing experience prior to founding Downtown Investment Advisory.

Salo consults with a middle market asset based lender and serves on the board of several entities, including a multi-million private foundation and BlueStar Indexes, a financial firm focused on the Israeli capital markets.

Salo spent 10 years at BNP Paribas, one of the largest global banks, managing portfolios exceeding $500 million. He spent another 10 years as a Managing Director investing various institutional funds exceeding $200 million

Salo's goal is to create a long term investment plan for each client and to implement this plan by selecting and managing a portfolio of investments. Salo and his team offers intense personalized services as an alternative to the large wealth management firms that typically provide their best service only to their largest accounts, and have inherent conflicts of interest, such as placing clients in "house" mutual funds. Salo also specializes in creating custom portfolios of bonds and fixed income investments as an alternative to the stock market.

Salo's investment philosophy has been developed based on over 20 years of institutional investing and navigating through the crashes of 2001-2002 and 2008-2009. As an independent firm DIA does not have incentives to place clients in certain types of assets and we do not earn sales commissions. Salo has fiduciary obligations to all of his clients that many investment professionals, such as the majority of advisors at the large brokerage firms, are not required to provide.


BS, Management Information Systems, Binghamton University
MBA, Finance, Columbia University

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Is there a place for junk bonds in my portfolio?
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The answer is absolutely. Junk bonds are really a misnomer, better known as high yield bonds. For some reason high yield bond are seen as highly risky, but the fact is that over the past 20 years high yield bonds have outperformed stocks with 1/3 less risk than stocks. If you look at the performance of high yield in the last two market crashes, high yield has vastly outperformed stocks. And if you are an income investor, these bonds provide a steady yield in the 6% range on average today. Sure, high yield bonds are riskier than investment grade and government bonds, but the yields are these are in the 2%-3%. The best way to invest in high yield bonds is by holding a diversified portfolio of individual bonds and plan to hold to maturity. If you can do this, then you can ignore market volatility, simply wait for the maturity date to get repaid and collect interest along the way. My investment advisory practice specialized in fixed income, specifically creating laddered portfolios of high yield and other bonds. If interested check out

Salo Aizenberg

Downtown Investment Advisory

July 2017
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