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John Kageleiry

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“With over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, John Kageleiry works to create the right investment approach that matches his clients' goals and the correct amount of risk needed to reach them.”

Verium Planning and Asset Management

Job Title:

Owner, Principal and Chief Planner


John Kageleiry is the owner, principal and chief planner for Verium Planning and Asset Management. John helps people plan effectively for retirement and other financial needs and act as the main support in reaching their goals. He brings with him over 15 years of financial services and planning experience to best support the people who choose to work with Verium.

Verium is a new generation advisor that charges a simple flat fee annually for the planning and guidance help we provide. This saves you money which helps you meet your goals more easily.

John's practice reflects the values he holds and what he believes works best: honesty, simplicity, discipline, low costs and optimism. He works as a Fiduciary so his clients' needs must always come first. The name of his company, Verium, is a mix of 2 latin roots and means “a place of truth”. These are values John believes in and will serve people well.

John started down this path working for a very large financial services company right out of college and worked for them for 6 plus years. He returned to financial services after a 7 year period working in commercial real estate. He worked another 8 years helping people understand and plan for their long term financial needs as Retirement Relationship Manager. Going forward John sees a firm that will remain relatively small but be able to provide for the most important financial concerns people have.

John lives in Dover, NH with his wife Lin (who is an NP) and their 2 kids. He grew up in Dover but have also lived in Boston, San Francisco and New York City, where he and Lin met. He studied at the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a B.A. in Communications and a History minor. He is currently enrolled in the Boston University Financial Planning program and expect to sit for my CFP designation in early 2017.


BA, Communication, Minor, History, University of New Hampshire

Assets Under Management:

$3 million

Fee Structure:

Flat annual fee

CRD Number:


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February 2017
    Financial Planning, Investing, Retirement Savings
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What alternative to bonds will help secure my investment portfolio if interest rates rise?
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As noted in the other responses, it's the $64 question. But to set this in context, no one knows what part of the yield curve will do what if/when rates do rise. Remember, the Fed only sets the very shortest of rates, the markets set the rest. Surprisingly, the yield curve has flattened since interest rate hikes by the fed started. So again, no one knows how this will pan out. I would respectfully add that a 5% loss in bonds is a bad year. That's a bad week for stocks. At some point, stocks won't like rising rates if we see them.

If you are seeking diversification outside of bonds, then you may want to consider alternative vehicles. Some examples would be commodities, managed futures, and other "trend" based approaches. Depending on the ETF or fund you choose, these approaches have been shown to be non-correlated to both stocks AND bonds. The research on this is fairly compelling. But that approach requires a patient long term outlook.

All that being said, I think it unwise to toy with your allocation in response to concerns that may or may not be born out. Make sure the allocation you have makes sense within your long term plan and goals and rebalance when possible.

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