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Wyatt Swartz

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“As the Owner and Primary Investment Advisor at W. Swartz, Co., Wyatt Swartz is committed to helping clients reach their financial goals through more effective asset management.”

W. Swartz & Co.

Job Title:

Owner and primary Investment Adviser


Wyatt Swartz is the Owner and primary Investment Adviser at W. Swartz & Co.W. Swartz & Co. is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm. Wyatt's previous experience includes Merrill Lynch, Renaissance Financial, and Fisher Investments. Wyatt has a passion for portfolio management, financial planning, capital markets and economics. He loves working with retirees, non-profits, small businesses, and individuals accumulating for retirement. Transparency is incredibly important to Wyatt and his team. He believes in straight-talk and simplicity. He believes clients should understand their financial plan and the basics of the investment process used by their adviser.

Wyatt believes in education for himself as an adviser and his clients. He believes that educated clients are successful investors and satisfied clients. Wyatt knows that good portfolio management is not about complexity, but about using simplistic proven strategies. Unlike many advisers, Wyatt does not speak in a manner that confuses his clients. He takes pride in explaining things in a way that clients can understand. Investor success will primarily be determined by their asset allocation: their mix of stocks, bonds and cash. Too often investors have the wrong asset allocation based on their goals, time horizon, and cash flow needs.

Wyatt was born & raised in Washington MO (St. Louis area). Wyatt is a big sports fan, rooting for Mizzou athletics and St. Louis sports teams. His hobbies include recreational sports, water/snow skiing and trap shooting. Wyatt is an active member of Toastmasters Club 5585, Elks Lodge 1559, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ (Marthasville MO) and the St. Louis Discussion Club.


BS, Business Administration, University of Missouri – Columbia
BA, History, University of Missouri – Columbia

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    Personal Finance, Retirement, Retirement Savings, 401(k), Real Estate
As an independent contractor who makes about $145,000 per year, what are my best options to save for retirement?
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If your goal is to put the absolute most possible into tax-advantaged retirement accounts each year then a solo - 401(k) will be your best option. A SEP IRA will be your second best option and depending on a number of other circumstances should be considered. 

Two more things to consider:

1. If you all do not have additional pre-tax/traditional IRAs you and your wife should make non-deductible maximum contributions to IRAs, and then convert them to Roth IRAs. Taking a few additional steps to max out Roth IRAs. 

2. Also a unique idea you might consider woudl be making maximum contributions to your SEP IRA and converting it to a Roth each year. There by getting to contribute way more than the standard $5,500 per person Roth limits. 

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