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John Hamel

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“With over 20 years of experience in the financial world, John Hamel provides financial planning services and portfolio management to individuals (business owners, retiree’s) and business entities.”

Austec Wealth Management, LLC

Job Title:

Managing Member


John Hamel is the Managing Member at Austec Wealth Management, LLC in Elizabeth, CO and has over 20 years of experience in the finance industry. John and his team do their best work with business owners or executives  still wearing multiple hats of the company fixing  value gaps that would either prevent the business from selling, prevent a successful family succession or leave millions of dollars on the table at the time of sale.   

Austec WM was founded on the concept that most investors’ investment experience does not follow perfectly a A-Z initial progress plan. Their mission is to coach and create harmonious relationships for their clients with specialists and experts to facilitate solutions to clients’ complex financial situations in the present and for their future financial unpredictability as it develops.

John and his team know planning early increases the probability of the business continuing as a "going concern" as the owner moves beyond the company. Often this is one of the biggest concerns of a family business succession and one of the most complicated.  


BA, Finance, California State University-San Bernardino

Assets Under Management:

$1 million

Fee Structure:

Fee Based

CRD Number:


  • The Financial Soul of Austec WM
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But you should know that you still have to figure out your strategy for investing the cash in the Roth.  What you invest in the Roth will determine your result.  Lots of people like to talk about all the unique wonderful features of Roth’s, IRA’s, SEP’s, etc. but that avoids the most important party of returns…how and with what…?   You must first understand how to make money in the markets and then you’ll be able to use the features of a Roth.  If you can’t make money through investing/trading then it doesn’t really matter what vehicle (Roth, IRA, etc) you choose.

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